August Break – Sour

Carmen Moo-randa's in Key West, Florida

While I was in Key West, Carmen Moo-randa's was one of my favorite places to stop. Of course they have fresh Florida fruit milkshakes and smoothies, but they also had key limeade, various flavors of ice cream and sherbert, frozen chocolate coated key lime pie on a stick, and, my favorite, the key lime refresher, a tart drink made with frozen key limeade and a scoop of key lime sherbert on top. It was sweet, tart, and cool all at the same time. It's one of the few things I miss most from Key West.

Are you a fan of the key lime flavor? Would you consider stopping at place like this if you ever found yourself in Key West?

* I'm participating in August Break. You should join in on the fun!

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