August Break – Pretty (Awesome) Weeds

In Florida, they have these trees that grow out rather than up. The roots dangle into the water, and as the tree continues to grow, it develops more and more roots, continuing to grow outward. This tree is called a Mangrove. If you get a bunch of these growing together, they can create an island. Mangroves are particularly important to our environment, because, as you can imagine, the roots are home to a variety of above water and underwater creatures and coral. Mangroves can even help lessen the impact of hurricanes and tsunamis on larger landmasses.

While I have to admit that I thought the Mangrove was a "pretty ugly weed" when I first saw it in Florida, I think it does a lot of awesome things for the environment and I'm willing to give it a pass.

Had you heard of the Mangrove tree (shrub?) before today's mini-lesson?

* I'm participating in #AugustBreak2017.

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