August Break – Love Note

Near Wynwood Walls in Miami, there were notes like this all over the sidewalk. There were funny notes, loving notes, cartoons making fun of brands (i.e. an Apple headed stick figure karate-style kicking a Microsoft headed stick figure), and, in some places, fish painted on the ground, swimming beneath your feet. If it hadn't been so hot the day we went, I think it would have been a lot of fun to just meander and soak up the area, including the graffiti'd ground.

What do you think of this message? And of artists taking over an area with graffiti on the walls and the ground? Would it bring you joy to see these kinds of messages on the sidewalks you take every day (assuming you walk on some) or would it just make you think of the place as dirty? … i.e. Why isn't there security keeping people from painting all over our pristine white sidewalks?

* I'm participating in August Break: 31 pictures in 31 days. It doesn't really feel like a break, but it's fun. :)

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