August Break – I Crave

pineapple drink in Key West

When I was in Hawai'i this past winter I got to try a piña colada for the first time. It was "free" with our luau, so why not? I'm usually not a big drinker because I often don't like the taste, but piña colada were a big win for me.

After we got home from our travels, my husband tried to make one for me. Only he used dark rum.


So when we started planning our trip to Key West, I knew that I wanted to get a piña colada there. And I did, but nothing was quite as good as what I had in Hawai'i. (I mean – it could be that everything tastes better in Hawai'i?)

I had just about given up on finding a good piña colada until shortly after my birthday a few weeks ago when my husband used the almighty google to search for a place in Atlanta that served the best piña colada. Instead we found a good recipe.

If you are in search of a delicious piña colada, look no further:

2 oz white rum
2 oz coconut cream
4 oz pineapple juice
1 pineapple wedge
1 small cocktail umbrella

1. fill a glass with ice 
2. add ingredients 
3. shake(or blend if you must)
4. garnish and enjoy.

And just for the record, the drink pictured above is a mixture of coconut water and pineapple blended together. So no alcohol whatsoever. But it looked festive. :)

* I'm participating in August Break. You should join in!

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