August Break – Gold(en Hour)

Originally when were planning our trip to Miami, we had considered taking a short day trip to the Bahamas. (Did you know there is a boat that leaves from Fort Lauderdale and takes you to Freeport, Bahama Island?) Anyway, as it turns out, our budget was too low and vacation days too few, so instead we opted for a sunset tour of Millionaire Row. Honestly, we had no idea what we were getting into with our boat tour on the Island Queen, but we were looking forward to a nice, relaxing boat ride after the long ten hour drive down to Miami. While I can't remember much about the tour (rich people's houses don't really interest me), I remember them saying that one particular house (perhaps the one pictured above?) along millionaire row has an air conditioned front yard.

Say what?!?! ;)

Given how hot it can get in Miami, I am totally behind having an air conditioned front yard. Paying for it? No. But being able to enjoy the outdoors while everyone else is sweating? Yeah, I could deal with that. :)

What are your thoughts on air conditioned front yards? Would that encourage you to get outside and exercise even in the warmest of weather? 

Or maybe you'd prefer an outdoor heater? Something to prevent the snow from building up outside your house?

Let's imagine anything is possible. What unique amenity would you like to have in your imaginary dream house if money was not a problem?

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