August Break – Glass

Shortly after we left the dock at the Bayside Marketplace in Miami, Florida for our Millionaire Row sunset cruise, I touched my camera lens with a wet finger. (I had taken a sip of water from a water bottle and spilled a bit, because I'm clumsy like that.) I tried to wipe the lens clean of the water, but I guess I missed a spot?

Let this be a lesson to you all.

If you intend on going out to shoot lovely sunset shots with your camera, make sure to clean your lenses first! And clean them again if you get something on them! Getting good shots is worth the extra time and energy it takes to rectify your clumsiness. Otherwise, you will come back from a sunset cruise with millions of shots like this where the glass isn't clean. Then, you will roll your eyes, bang your head against the wall, and think "how stupid am I?!"

Trust me.

I know.

* I'm participating in #AugustBreak2017. Join in?

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