Wordless Wednesday #9

sunset in Portovenere, Italy
Cinque Terre, Italy; May 2014

One night during my first trip to Europe (and Italy), my friends, husband, and I bought snacks to enjoy while we watched the sun set. I think we bought salami, bread, and a bottle of wine. We continued to do that throughout the rest of our vacation leading to some of the most relaxing and best nights of my entire life.

While there are very few places in the US to enjoy a bottle of wine while the sun sets, I have continued the tradition with my husband of making sure that we see the sun go down at least once each and every time we travel. If travel, for us, were a science experiment, that would be our constant. :)

What is one thing you make sure to do when you travel? Do you have a constant? If you aren't a traveler, do you ever make a point of just stopping whatever you are doing and watching the sun set (or rise)?

* Today's #30List prompt was: If you put me in charge of snacks you can expect… a sunset. Duh. ;)

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