When I Need a Break…

I answer pre-written questions about my life! :)

Today I am…

Remembering: every last bit of my Canadian trip so that I can share it with you! Seriously, I am going through all of the photos I have on my phone and editing all of the images I shot with my DSLR. It's super time consuming, but I'm excited to share! Hopefully, I will have enough images and detailed information to help you plan your own trip to Canada. And if you aren't planning on going to Canada, then maybe you'll just enjoy the images? I can hope anyway…

Planning: nothing right now.

We're trying to decide how and when to use my husband's vacation time. Mexico? Canada? the Grand Canyon? … return to Europe? or venture off to Hawai'i? Maybe we should tackle another continent like Asia? Do you have any recommendations? What's on your travel list?

Anxiously Awaiting: the end of the school year. I don't know yet if I will be working this summer and that always has me on edge.

Interested to Know: what to expect from this year's April A-Z challenge. With the hosts changing up the commenting and link-sharing, I'm wondering how different the whole experience will be and whether or not I will like the changes.

Listening to: 80's music, NPR, and the Beatles. I've also been "watching" (by which I mean editing images and putting together my A-Z posts) Trevor Noah from The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert from The Late Show. They give me a sense of comfort and allow me to laugh a little at the crazy things that are happening politically; it makes me feel less alone.

Keeping A Secret: I'm scared. Of politics. Of where my life is going. Of … snakes coming out of my car vent… :(

DIY'ing: I've been too busy blogging to DIY anything! In April, we have plans three out of four of the weekends, and with April A-Z coming up, I'm just trying to keep my head above water!

Reading: This goes for reading too. So much for that goal of one book per month!

What have you been up to this month? If you are a blogger, how do you keep to your schedule and still take a break? 

** #30Lists survivor! Are you ready for April A-Z?

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