Nine Delicious Dishes From My European Travels That You'll Want to Make

+ Trdelnik (Czech Republic): a pastry cooked over fire and filled with Nutella and sometimes ice cream; street food in Czech Republic.

+ Classic Käsespätzle (Germany): Basically handmade macaroni and cheese, usually with onion.

+ crepes (France): super flat pancakes often filled and served with something on top.

+ French bread (France)

+ macarons (France): two cookies sandwiched together with a filling

+ Raclette (France): cheese. Typically served with potatoes, meat, and pickles. Great for parties.

+ Currywurst (Germany): curry sausage. It's got a bright flavor to it (like ketchup?) and doesn't taste anything like Indian curry. Often served with fries.

+ Galettes (France): essentially a sandwich made with a crepe.

+ Moules à la Crème (France): mussels served in cream sauce usually with fries for soaking up the leftover cream.

Hungry yet?😉

Justin and I enjoyed these dishes so much during our travels that we had no choice but to come home and make them. Which of these dishes would be on your must-make list? Are there any foods you've tried during travels that have inspired you to come home and cook?

Today's post was inspired by #30Lists prompt: I am good at making…

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