Five Items a Travel-Lover Loves to Travel With

What are some of your travel must-haves? I've already listed a few before, but, as I've traveled more, my must-haves have changed. Here's what I'm loving right now!

1. A Large scarf –

I used to carry around a blanket. I know, I know; I'm five. :) But it came in use more often than you would think! Especially when we were staying at AirBnbs.

One day, I got over it though. The thought of finding room when I was doing carry on luggage only? No. So, I sought out a thick feeling, wide scarf that could be used as a lap blanket on flights, would cover my shoulders as I slept at night, and just be something that would bring me happiness. I found it in this scarf. And it's sister, a blue one just the same.

Lucky you, though! I bought it half price, but now it's on sale at an even bigger discount! Shop here or here or to get it in the $30/$40 range, and stack coupons to get an even better deal!

2. A Toiletry Bag –

Combine this with a set of packing cubes and you are all set and as organized as you can get! The nice thing about these bags is that you can pack just the items you use when you travel, and then never unpack them! If you do that, it makes life easier when you get home, because it's one less thing to do … and it's one less thing to pack when you are getting ready to go on a trip too!

One thing of note:
+ If you pack liquids, you will need to be mindful of travel and airline policies regarding those liquids. (i.e. In the US, you will need all of your liquids in a clear, plastic, ziplock bag and easy to pull out of your bag if you aren't checking it.)

3. A roll of Quarters –

This is specifically if your plans include city parking or driving on toll roads.

(It's also not a bad idea to have some smaller bills in your pocket as well for small businesses that don't take credit or debit cards.)

4. Back-Up Batteries for Iphones

Don't you hate it when your iphone goes dead? … What about when you are using it to find your way around the city?!?! Eeek! Or maybe you see that perfect thing to photograph … Or you are reading a great ebook! Whatever you are doing, you'll want to make sure you can keep doing that day, that hour, that minute. If you have a backup battery, you don't have to worry. :)

5. Magnetic Air Conditioning Vent Phone Holder For Car

We stumbled across these phone holders while we were in Hawaii, and I've fallen in love! It's so nice that when you are traveling you don't have to worry about smudges on the windshield implying anything to would-be thieves. Further, even when you aren't using the holder, it's so small that it doesn't block the air conditioning or heat. Finally, I love how easy these are to slide on and off of the vent. Other phone holders have stayed on my vent unnecessarily for days and weeks later, despite my not using it, simply because I was struggling to remove it. Not so for this type! Highly recommended!

Do you use any of these items when you travel? Did I share with you something new?

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