Are you ready for April A-Z?

Is anyone else still exhausted from the time change? Why do we even have to live through that anymore?

Anyway, I'm currently blogging and editing my life away preparing for April A-Z where I will detail in depth my travels to Montréal and Québec City. So far I have five posts written, and I'm in the middle of editing images for a sixth. Slow going, but at least it's going…

Next month you can expect to see:
+ Hotel reviews for all of the places my husband and I stayed at during our trip including LOTS of pictures! (I think first-hand accounts on blogs with lots of pictures are some of the best resources for picking hotels when I'm planning trips.)
+ Images from the only ice hotel in North America, Hotel de Glace. (Preview above.)
+ Ideas for fun activities to do and places to eat within Montréal and Québec City. (There will be a little bit of NYC fun thrown in there too!)
+ My thoughts on Amtrak and Via Canada Rail, plus the intricacies involved with US/Canada border crossing (which may have changed in the time since we last did it…).
+ And more! (If I told you everything now, you wouldn't return in April to check it out, would you?)

Excited yet?

Maybe I will be once I recover from the time change… Time for bed, I think. :)

* This post is brought to you by #30Lists. Keeping blogging life simple so that the rest of us can blog ahead for April A-Z.

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