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Asheville Biltmore Estate Village Estate Hotel Review Destination: Asheville, NC
Date: May 2016
Hotel: Village Hotel on Biltmore Estates
Brand: none?
Elite Status: none
# of travelers: 2
nights: 1

Making the Decision

One of my favorite ways to find good deals is to follow TravelZoo. Or rather, somehow manage to keep up with their weekly emails of good deals. When I saw the brand new Village Hotel on Biltmore Estates property in Asheville, NC listed, I searched and searched to see if I had any availability in my schedule. Biltmore Estates and Asheville, NC are fantastic places to explore and I knew that if I had the time available, I should take full advantage.

While I can't say I got the best deal on price, at the time, it was the cheapest I had seen the Village Hotel go for, so I booked. For $186, Justin and I were going to stay the Sunday before Memorial Day and take in the full experience of what it means to stay on the Biltmore Estates property.

Getting There

Originally when I booked, I did not realize that I would have off a full five day weekend for the national holiday. Of course, once that realization came to me, I decided to book nights in Charleston and Hilton Head to make our 5 day weekend more like a North/South Carolina road trip. I mean – the beach was calling my name even though I also wanted a full resort experience. For future travelers, heed my advice: there is a good five-hour drive between the two areas. And the road is pretty boring most of the way. Above is an image of us getting closer to our destination – I always love the mountains you see once you enter North Carolina. :)

Checking-In, Location, Parking, View

Due to construction and traffic on the road, Justin and I found ourselves arriving in Asheville just as the sun was setting. I had planned to arrive much sooner – but what can you do?

I quickly adjusted my plans dropping a reservation for dinner at a downtown restaurant in Asheville and opted instead for a spur of the moment mountain climb on the Biltmore Estate property to see what turned out to be a beautiful sunset.
Getting to the hotel and Antler Village is quite the drive from the main entrance of the estate. First, you should be aware that to enter the estate you need your reservation number and last name so that the guards can you look up. Once done, it will take approximately 15 minutes (of glorious scenery!) for you to drive on the winding, curving roads back to the hotel. Be sure to get directions from the guards, or, if need be, stop by the information desk to get a map and learn more about the estate.

Because we booked with TravelZoo, my assumption is that we were given a "lesser" room on the second floor. I did ask the front desk staff if we could have a room with a view or, even, a room on a higher floor, but I was told they were "all booked out" whatever that means. (I always assume it means I didn't pay enough to be a worthy customer and/or staff doesn't like me for some reason. Of course, just because I have that assumption doesn't mean that's the way it is. Still, I assume.) The view we did receive, despite not being "beautiful" wasn't altogether terrible. Our curtains opened up to a lush tree, intoxicating sky, and extensive parking lot.

Despite not receiving an amazing view or high floor, the benefit in booking with TravelZoo was that we were the happy recipient of a bottle of Biltmore Estate wine – red or white, our choosing. We opted for red. They even provided wine glasses for us to consume the beverage in our room which, while it sounded like a good idea at the time of check-in, ended up not working out quite like we anticipated.


While the view was disappointing, the room itself was decently big with a work desk and, the thing I loved most, a window seat, the perfect place for relaxing and watching the sun set, or at least it would be if you had a view! Even without one, I spent plenty of time on the window seat watching people and cars move in and out of the parking lot. I really like people watching. :)

Other room benefits included soap and shampoo; bedside lights for reading at night; a large flatscreen tv; a small fridge to hold your leftovers, water bottles for hiking or bottle of champagne; and a Keurig coffee maker for straggling mornings.

Bar & Lounge

After spending our afternoon climbing a hill, capturing an exquisite sunset, enjoying a calm meal, watching brightly colored fireworks fill the sky, and smattering my favorite camera lens with one swoop fall to the ground, we decided upon return to our hotel to visit the bar. A drink was needed.

Only hours before closing, few people were seated at the high stools overlooking the bartender and his maze of bottles. I was in a mood, so we sat somewhat away from the other patrons allowing me some time to silently sulk only occasionally giving the evil eye to my beloved.

Justin ordered a whiskey while I asked for my go-to: sparkling water.

As we sat in angry silence, the crowd at the bar thinned out until there were only four others left at the other end of the bar. Pleading, they asked us to come join their "party". It was a combination of two New Yorkers (a mother and daughter) and a mixed couple from Georgia. They were talking about everything from gentrification to the president-elect; these weren't light topics. When sangria was ordered, the bartender, who was joining in on the conversation, poured just a little extra and gave it to me to try. ❤️ It was the first and only time I have ever fallen in love with a drink that quickly.

As the night went on, our party got louder.

And louder.

And louder.

Until the hotel manager came to tell us to "keep it down". Turns out she had gotten a call from another guest about the noise.

An hour after the bar closed, Justin and I walked to our room feeling much happier than we had felt when we arrived at the hotel with a broken camera lens. (Because duh. Broken lenses suck.) Despite the fact that no one had known one another at the beginning of the night, we all exchanged hugs with the hopes of running into one another again somewhere else down the line…

A few notes about the bar:
• Dinner ends at 11 PM, drinks are no longer served at midnight. This doesn't mean you can't linger at the bar longer, though.
• Justin's first choice in drinks, one that is offered at the more expensive Biltmore Estate Inn, was not offered at this hotel. Not only is the Village Hotel cheaper in price, but they also don't offer as much selection, specifically, at the bar.
• There are bar stools at the bar as well as tables scattered throughout. No one sat at a table though and with only the one bartender working that night, I'm not sure if you would have to walk to the bar, order your drinks, and take them back to your table or if he would have come to you? If I had to guess, I'd guess the former.
• The bar is located on the second floor of the hotel, the same area where you can buy breakfast in the morning, if you so desire.

Breakfast Options

Beginning as early as 7 AM Village Social, a full-service restaurant and bar on the second floor of the hotel, starts offering breakfast. Offerings include farm fresh eggs, thick cut bacon, heirloom potatoes, seafood, oatmeal, and, though I didn't get to try it, the one that appeals the most to me – a pecan waffle served with bourbon barrel aged maple syrup and whipped butter. YUM!!

Of course, if you are more of an on-the-go kind of person, you may prefer The Kitchen, located on the first floor of the hotel. Grab a baked good or gourmet sandwich with a cup or organic coffee as you head off to explore Biltmore Estate.

Justin and I didn't wake up until late – 9 AM – so rather than fight the crowds in downtown Asheville* at one of the many breakfast eateries, we opted to lay low and grab a bite from Village Social. As we emerged from our second-floor hotel room, we quickly found the line and were put on a wait-list. The hostess offered us one of two dining options – we could eat inside and take full advantage of the hotel air conditioning or we could chance it outside in the hopes that the early morning cooler temperatures might still exist.

We live life on the edge and opted to eat outside. :) At 9 AM in late spring, the weather was almost perfect. The only thing getting in the way of us and nirvana was the wretched sun that began to peak around the building blinding us about halfway through our meal. #JustSoYouKnow

Breakfast consisted of coffee, water, two farm eggs, thick cut bacon, home fries, toast, and a side of fresh fruit. (We don't eat much.) The wait staff was a little slow and the bit was kind of expensive for what we got, but we enjoyed the food and not having to fight the crowds, so it was worth it for us.

* It is worth mentioning that both Village Social and The Kitchen (as well as any of the other restaurants on the Biltmore Estate property) accept reservations, so if you know you will be sleeping late, you can book a reservation and be seated almost as soon as you arrive at the restaurant from your hotel room rather than having to wait like we did. Although, to be fair, our wait wasn't long. Yours may or may not be.

Pool & Amenities

I'm not really a pool person (aside from sticking my feet in), so the most I did with regards to the pool was go out and take this picture proving that it, in fact, does exist. This image was taken around 11 AM in the morning, so, as you can tell, there aren't too many swimmers out that early in the morning in Asheville. Perhaps they come
later in the day?

Other amenities the hotel has to offer:
• Free grounds admission to Biltmore Estates! So, basically, opportunities to spend money without actually spending money (aside from booking your hotel room). Enjoy hiking trails, bird watching, horse riding, exploring the inside of the American "palace", and much more!
• Access to the hotel shuttle. Not that you need one because you can totally get sloshed within steps of the hotel both at the Village Social Bar or elsewhere in Antler Village, a full two-minute walk away from the hotel.
• Free internet, because it's 2017.
• Fitness rooms within reach just in case the full 10.86 mi² isn't good enough … or you need things like weights.
• Get 10% off to spend at the winery and an additional discount for souvenirs.

Lobby, Staff & Check Out

Rather than spend our whole day at this not quite luxurious but still very nice resort, we decided to go out on the town and explore Asheville a bit. But, obviously, not before checking out. The staff was very kind as approached the check out desk and we only had to wait a minute or two behind other customers before being asked the age-old question "Did you enjoy your stay?". We handed over our room key, loaded our car (which we were able to temporarily park under the overhang) before taking one last quick walk around the hotel. (I hadn't yet seen the pool and I wanted to. I know you shouldn't leave your car under the overhang, but we were seriously only a minute! I promise! 😊)

The image above is of the second eatery in the hotel, The Kitchen. As you can see, by the time we left at 11 AM, it was empty. I'm not sure if anyone ate there the entire time we were at the Village Hotel. And, if no one ate there, I can't be sure whether or not the food was good? But to be fair, I also never saw anyone behind the counter either, so maybe we just happened to be walking by at the wrong times? … Either way, as you can see, there is a lot of space to spread out in the lobby, especially if you are visiting on a work trip. As for me, I'd love to grab a tall cup of something warm and spread out on one of the cushiony chairs or at the table and get work done. Or, alternatively, take my drink and laptop outside and enjoy the fresh mountain air with an exquisite view. What better way to feel more like you are actually on vacation rather than working?

As you depart the hotel, be aware that you may get lost in a maze of roads as you try to exit the Biltmore Estate. It can easily take a good 15 minutes. And, just so you know, if you accidently exit the property when you really wanted to go explore, for example, the greenhouse (true story!), the gate agents are typically kind enough to let you re-enter if you tell them what happened. But don't take advantage or someday they may not let you or anyone else re-enter! Be kind and understanding even if they tell you no; after all, they don't have to let you go in without a pass.

Overall Review
★★★ (average)

Even though I enjoyed my stay at the Village Hotel in Biltmore Estates, I'm not sure I will return. Obviously, there were a lot of advantages to our location – being able to walk to Antler Village or take a shuttle to the estate, having access to restaurants and shopping that Asheville residents and visitors can't access unless they pay an entrance fee, and having the opportunity to truly explore and experience the ground of the Vanderbilts definitely make for some nice perks. However, Asheville, North Carolina is more than just the Biltmore Estates. There are appealing places to hike, bike, explore, dine, and shop in the vicinity that don't cost an arm and a leg to get into. Furthermore, one of the appealing factors in staying in Asheville is for the view, which we did not receive. Perhaps a visit to the Biltmore Inn, Holiday Inn Biltmore East, Crowne Plaza, or Omni Grove Park Inn (review forthcoming) for beautiful mountainous views. Other hotel options in the area include a free breakfast with your stay like the Town Country Inn and Suites, which may ultimately save you money and be a better value for your hard-earned dollars.

While the Village Hotel was a fun place to stay for the night, if you don't get a good price, this hotel is no more worth visiting than any other hotel in the Asheville area. Spend less and get a better room + breakfast elsewhere. But then again, that's just my opinion. To each his or her own. :)

Your Turn

Do you ejoy staying at resorts – even if it's only on occasion? What is your opinion on booking hotels through third party sites like TravelZoo, Expedia,, etc? … Have you ever had the chance to visit Asheville, NC or the Biltmore Estate?

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