Re-Visiting Monet's Home

One of the most beautiful small towns in France is Giverny, home of the artist Monet. So far during this series, I have taken you on a journey through Clos Normand, the gardens closest to Monet's home and the Water Gardens, where we spotted the infamous lilypads so beautifully executed through Monet's glorious impressionistic paintings.

For part three, today's post, I'm returning to Monet's home, a location I shared more in depth with you in August 2016.

First rented by Monet in 1883, he initially decided to move to Giverny after spotting the picturesque setting while looking out a train window. By 1890, he bought the house and set up his home and studio there. Monet was a catalyst in the impressionistic movement, often painting beautiful scenes out doors, even as he began to lose his sight toward the end of his life.

Through the exploration of his home, you can enjoy not only seeing the gorgeous outdoors, but you can also daydream about the day-to-day life Monet lived. See the beautiful clock that matches the walls in his living room, take in the gorgeous paintings in Monet's studio, try to imagine fitting your entire family in this farmhouse, and fantasize about cooking will all copper pots and pans.

Click here to see more of my images from our time visiting Monet's home. You can also check out part 1 and part 2 of this series here and here.

Have you ever fantasized about the life of an artist? Or considered visiting the place they call home? Would you enjoy seeing Monet's famous water lilies in a real life setting?

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