Wordless Wednesday 12/21/16

Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC (November 2014)

I think the changing leaves in fall makes it one of my favorite seasons. There are so many colors! And the cooler weather makes me so happy! I feel like after a summer indoors (because that's where you linger when you live in the South, air conditioning ftw!), I am now free to go out and explore! … And, of course, Asheville, is one of my favorite places to do so.

When I shot this picture, I had googled "best places to see the sunset in Asheville, NC" hoping to find a place I wouldn't have to hike to. We ended up at the Omni Grove Park Inn for dinner that night where I shot this image. Our dinner was expensive, and I remember getting frustrated that my camera just wouldn't focus! But you know what? Turns out I got a pretty good image anyway. :)

Lesson learned. ALWAYS get your camera and lenses cleaned before you go out to do any serious shooting. Trust me! It makes a difference! :)

What is your favorite season? Is there anything special you like to do that you can only do during your favorite season?

* I'm participating in Susannah Connway's December Reflections. Today's prompt: Solstice Sunset. Or at least the sunset part, anyway! ;)

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