Keep Calm & Christmas On

Just when you think you've planned for everything, something goes awry. The figgy pudding doesn't cook right (What is figgy pudding anyway?), the gifts don't suit the giftees, and then you realize that the kids are out of school and on vacation in two days and you don't have enough blog posts written to make up for the time you anticipate being out! What do you do?

Here are ten ideas for maintaining your holiday spirit despite ever growing anxiety regarding how you will get everything completed within 24 days or less:

1. Rock out to music. 

Holiday music, if that's your jam. Or maybe not? Whatever you can get lost in the moment with. 

… Perhaps a podcast or audio book will help as you fight seasonal traffic?
Don't just clean/cook/shop mindlessly. That's never fun.

2. Sleep in. 

Yes, you have all of the things to do, but maybe what you really need is a day of rest. Everyone knows you want to do and do and do for others, but you won't be your best self if you are tired and cranky. Let someone else do for you for a change. :) 

Worst case scenario: at least January is around the corner. 

3. Hug your family. 

Whatever is going on, whatever needs to be done, sometimes it's best just to live in the moment and spend time with the people you care about. Sit at the breakfast table just a moment longer than you should or drive out of town to visit an old friend or neighbor. Don't miss out on spending time with the people you love just because you are in a hurry to get the Christmas tree assembled.

4. If you get snow where you live, go out and play in it.  

Then go back inside to cuddle under a blanket, read a good book, drink hot chocolate, and warm up by the fireplace.

(If you have a beach, that's a worthy place to play too! … But you may not want the warm fire and hot chocolate though…)

5. Drink and eat EVERYTHING. 

Splurge. Ask for seconds. EVEN eat dessert!

Don't worry. You'll spend all of your time at the gym in January working off the weight you've gained anyway. ;)

6. Visit the spa or get your hair or nails done. 

This is particularly nice on the day before Christmas. Who will look the best (or feel the best) during dinner with the relatives? You, of course! ;)

7. Buy yourself a little something. 

In the midst of bustling holiday crowds, consider taking some time out of your busy shopping schedule to get yourself something. It doesn't have to be big or expensive. Hey! It might just be an ice cream sundae or a cup of coffee (because those two things obviously go together!). Whatever it is you need to bring you peace and happiness and whatever will keep you from running over those poor shoppers in front of you with your buggy, you should do. Because I said so. ;)

8. And, in that same spirit, consider throwing a dollar or two at a charity. 

(It's not your fault if they don't catch it!)

Seriously, it will make you feel good to do something for others that they can't do themselves. And, if your short on money but have plenty of time, consider volunteering. Plenty of organizations from soup kitchens to homeless shelters to pet organizations can use your help all year long. Donate gently used clothes, unopened cans, and even pet food you can no longer use to operations that rely on generosity (and provide you with tax deductions!).

9. Whatever your favorite hobby is, do it. 

Bake, sketch, build model trains, go hiking (Yes! Even in the snow!), travel to new locales. Of course, whatever you do, do it intentionally and full of enthusiasm. Take out all of that extra Christmas frustration on your favorite activities rather than the people that you love.

10. And finally, take headphones to Christmas dinner.

When Aunt Marge and Uncle Bob bring up the Trump presidency, you can pretend like you didn't hear a word they said.

Adulting? What's that? ;)

What are some of your favorite ways to maintain your sanity during the Christmas season?

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