10 Bloggy Things

This year has been … interesting for my blog. Here are a few of my successes, failures, random facts, and possible improvements that will potentially make 2017 an even better year for my blog…

1. I have a new domain! YourEverydayTraveller at your service!

The idea stemmed from a lunch date with my beloved wherein I described my blog niche as not quite travel on the cheap yet not luxury travel either. i.e. The everyday traveller. Only "theeverydaytraveller" was already taken by a blog that incorporated travel-esque concepts into everyday life.

Yes … but no. Does that sound like a never-ending ad to you? … It does to me despite the fact that I kind of agree with the concept. Oh well. No matter. It was taken. Moving on to…


Of course, the old link still works. AND I'm still blogging from blogger, a platform I enjoy much more than Wordpress.

So, there's that.

Hopefully, this domain sticks. I really do enjoy writing about travel. :)

2. Speaking of domains and travel, this year was the year my blog got a "niche".

Before, I just considered my blog to be a "lifestyle" blog with no real focus. And thus I floundered. I can't say I'm doing much better even with a niche, but I'm trying. Does that count for anything?

3. I also began joining link-ups and twitter chats. Both are great ways to meet new friends and learn more about one of my favorite hobbies–travel. :)

4. My blog viewership is up 20% from last month and 193% from last year.

The one thing I've found though is that it takes quite a bit of work growing one's audience. This is especially difficult when you are introvert. I just want to say my peace and then walk away. But no. You have to "advertise" it to get it read.

Enter link-ups and twitter chats. Luckily, those are fun. :) Much better than just posting "Here! Read this!" on my social media platforms.

5. I started using facebook for my blog. I have all of FIVE follows. Woot. (I didn't count. It could be more. Or less. Just click to follow me, okay? I need some love!)

6. Then there is twitter. And instagram. I'm up in follows on those accounts too (680 and 94).

Twitter is by far my favorite. (Travel chats much?) I always feel so bad when people don't like my images on instagram. And I stress out when posting. Just because an image looks good on the phone doesn't mean it will look good on a bigger screen.

I downloaded an app Tags For Likes to help me with my Instagram hashtagging. So far I think it works. My last image received more than 54 likes, up from my previous high of 43.

7. Top 10 countries represented by blog visitors for my blog:

one) US (I'm shocked.–Are you?)
two) UK (I blame the link-ups.)
three) Canada (probably travelling south for the winter.)
four) Australia

(all English speaking so far)

five) Germany (one of whom is moving to Australia next year!)
six) Russia (EEK! Not sure what to think about that after the whole US election thing!)
seven) Switzerland (shout out to Tamara who is probably leading the way for that country!)
eight) India
nine) Singapore
and drum roll please…
ten) France

YAY! (I blame all of my recent trips to France for making France my number ten! You guys rock!)

8. Other fun facts:

• I have more female readers than male. (I'm not surprised.)
• And my blog is appealing to a younger demographic this year than it did last. (Also not too surprising.)

9. I bought a book this year called the Creative Writing Journal to help me with my blog writing. I've only used a few of the topics so far, which are formulated with famous, classic writers in mind. The big problem I face when using these prompts is time, but in the end I think it will be worth it. Better writing = better blogging. And that is a good thing. :)

10. Next year I'm hoping to incorporate more videos into my blogging. Wish me luck!

If you are a blogger, was 2016 a good year for you? Did you learn anything new or try anything different within your blog? Will you be doing anything different in 2017? … If you aren't a blogger, why'd you read this post? I think you deserve all of the cookies! :)

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