Walt Disney World 4 Parks in 2 Days: Hollywood Studios

After leaving EPCOT, Justin and I had one more park to visit, Hollywood Studios, and I must admit it was not a park I was looking forward to visiting. We had saved it for the end of our second night at Walt Disney World (parks), because they were offering long hours to resort guests. We also wanted to make sure we saw the Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights at night, the main reason we were visiting the park to begin with.

So, of course, as you do, we made a beeline for the main attraction.

It was as amazing and beautiful as you would expect it to be. Plus, it was so much fun seeing Disney staff getting into the Christmas spirit with a dance number to go with the twinkling lights. Even now, I can't watch this video without laughing!

Because I was so tired from being up and running from park to park all day, I took a minute to just sit and be, consumed with all that was going on around me. Justin went off to get a beer and I took (all of the) pictures. Or at least I took so many pictures that I filled up my SD card. Oops. (Who knew that was a possibility at Disney World!?!)

Finally, we decided to move on to the Tower of Terror.

Photo credit: Express Monorail via Visualhunt.com / CC BY-NC-ND

I remember first riding the Tower of Terror when I was ten with my grandparents. (My brother was too young, and my parents were too scared. ha!) I hated it. Not like crying/upset hated it, just as in one time was more than enough for me. BUT Justin had never ridden it, so I conceded and gave the ride a second chance. Maybe, now that I was older, I would enjoy it more?

Except no. It's a very well-designed, well-thought out ride, but still no. I'd ride it again, but it will never be my first choice.

Photo credit: meaghankelly13 via Visualhunt.com / CC BY-NC

Then, I decided to give the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster a whirl. 😀  I was deathly afraid. Upside down? In the dark? But I had given Expedition Everest (in Animal Kingdom) and Space Mountain (in Magic Kingdom) a try, so why not give this one a shot? The teen girl and her sister in front of us noticed that I was afraid and gave me a tip: keep your head back the entire time and you'll be fine. I did that, and between the amazingness that is Aerosmith and her tip, not only did I survive but I loved it! I may strongly dislike Hollywood Studios as a park, but that one ride will always have me coming back for more! (And I thought I hated roller coasters!)

Also "Walk This Way" is an amazing song! :)

Photo credit: Express Monorail via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

Before we left the park, we took in the The Great Movie Ride, which is a great "summary" ride for Hollywood Studios. It's a ride/show combination. As a tour guide shows you around and takes you on a tour of old Hollywood Studio sets, a surprise visitor interrupts the ride and makes your tour all the more exciting. It was fun, different, and one of the last rides open for the night.

Ultimately, if you are going to Hollywood Studios, I recommend arriving early to see all of the actual shows (which Hollywood Studios is known for) that they offer including the Indiana Jones Spectacular and the Muppet Show. Unfortunately, some of my favorite aspects of the park (Animation Studios, Osborne Dancing Lights) are no longer available, but luckily, they have brought in a whole new Star Wars area as a replacement that should, hopefully, make the park altogether more appealing. (It needed something.)

Hollywood Studios is where you go if you are a movie or Hollywood aficionado … and, now, if you have a love for all things Star Wars. 

Now that you've read about all four parks and Walt Disney Springs during my #4Parks2Days series, where would you go if you went to Orlando for a visit? Would you make a point to visit during a festival or holiday season?

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