Doubletree Airport – Savannah GA Review

image from Hilton

Destination: Savannah, GA
Date: May 2016
Hotel: Doubletree
Brand: Hilton
Elite Status: diamond
# of travelers: 4
nights: 1

Making the Decision

For my brother's graduation, my parents asked me to find a somewhat cheap hotel just outside of Statesboro for us to stay at. In my desperate search for a room, I discovered that Hilton was having a sale. I don't remember exactly what the sale discount was, but I believe it was like 25% off a room.

Sure! Why not?

Only my options were severely limited when I considered how much my parents were willing to pay. That's how we ended up staying in a room outside of Savannah. I knew that Doubletree, one of my favorite hotel chains, offered free, delicious, chocolate chip cookies from a previous visit to another location in Savannah. That, combined with the free breakfast we would receive for having elite status ended up sealing the deal. Everything, including the price ended up working out for us to stay at this Doubletree.

Getting There & Location

To be honest, we drove so I'm not quite sure how far this hotel is from the Savannah airport. And I think it goes without saying that we did not use any of the hotel transportation to or from the airport. Instead, we found ourselves in a rush to get to this Doubletree late Friday night so that we could be awake and ready to go at 8am the next morning. (All hotels in the Statesboro area were sold out.)

So location didn't play much of a role in our trip and I don't feel that I can confidently comment on it.

Checking In, Room, Elite Status Perks, View

Arriving at midnight, we received a warm welcome from the front desk with delicious chocolate chip cookies waiting for us at check-in. The front desk staff provided us with breakfast coupons and directed us to the second to last floor of the hotel. We were offered two bags with water and snacks, which, as an elite, always makes me feel special. :)

Upon entering our room, we felt we had entered a suite, the room was so large and well-appointed. We almost wished we were spending more time at the hotel, our room was so nice. The room is split into two sections with a wall in between – the first part offered a couch, big screen tv, work desk, microwave, and fridge, while the second section provided two queen beds and yet another tv. Perfect for families who need room to spread out on vacation or business workers who are stationed out of their home office for any length of time.

The bathroom was generously sized providing soaps, shampoos, lotions, and a hair dryer working out perfectly for prepping for a big event, like graduation. (Although with the graduation taking place outside, casual was less an exception and more a rule.)

The view we received was of a parking lot. I had high hopes of getting to see the nearby lake that we had received a view of when we stayed at the airport location of the Hilton Garden Inn, but no dice. I'm not sure the Doubletree offers a good view. They are very close to retail shops though. Take your pick of chain restaurants or visit the local Wal Mart, if that makes you happy. :)

Breakfast & Lobby

The next morning we awoke early. Graduation was to begin at 10AM and they encouraged parents and graduates to arrive at 8AM meaning we needed to leave the hotel at 7AM. Unfortunately for us and, as it turns out, the many other graduate family members that were staying at the hotel with us (we ended up seeing familiar faces at the school after leaving the hotel! It's a small world?), breakfast didn't start until 7AM. Impatiently we waited hoping against hope that they would open the restaurant early, but ultimately deciding that we had time for breakfast regardless. It was free and continental, so why not?

The continental breakfast in the lobby consisted of pastries, yogurt, cereal, fruit, bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy, and coffee, orange juice, or milk. With the coupon diamond members receive at check-in, you can opt to exchange your continental breakfast option for something on the menu at the continental breakfast price or less; it should be noted, however, that the kitchen doesn't open until 7:30AM, which, in our case, would have been too late.

The husband, myself, and my parents all were content to eat from the breakfast bar getting quite full off of all that was offered and enjoying the small bit of service our waitress provided as she refilled our drinks and continued to ensure our happiness. While the breakfast passes do cover the cost of the meal, my husband and I always make sure to leave a tip big enough to cover 20% of what the meal would have cost for our server, since the pass does not include gratuity. We have noticed that others do not though, so, as usual, this is up to your own discretion. Keep in mind though, that at most American restaurants wait staff are underpaid and rely on tips; even at a hotel, these men and women could technically be considered "wait staff".Treat them with kindness in the same way you would behave at a normal restaurant; they probably are underpaid despite whether their job title includes "wait staff" or not.

Check Out

Even before breakfast, we checked out of the hotel just hanging out in the lobby talking with the individual at the front desk and waiting for the waitstaff to start seating hungry hotel guests. Check out went quickly enough with the young man offering us extra breakfast coupons for waiting as well as their famous chocolate chip cookies to go. Yum! (We originally only receive two breakfast coupons for our party of four.)

As we left the hotel, my husband grabbed a cup of coffee to go from a spot in the lobby near the elevators which also offered flavored water and fruit (apples, bananas) for guests.


Even though my family didn't have time to check out the hotel amenities, I feel it is worth mentioning that the Doubletree Savannah Airport location offers a pool, workout room, washer and dryer, business area, snacks that can be bought, and airport transportation/a shuttle.

Congratulations Class of 2017!

Overall Review

★★★ (average)

The Doubletree Savannah airport hotel was a wonderful place to stay for the night. Staff were considerate and went above and beyond. Breakfast was tasty, and even the room was a beautiful respite away from work and the long drive that it took to get to Savannah. The entire clan that I took to the hotel was quite pleased with the choice; all saying that, for the right price (which the price was actually kind of high given it's location because of the weekend we chose to visit on), we would all consider staying again. If you are looking for a night in Savannah near the airport, whether for a family vacation or work trip, this was a great location that offers a lot of benefits for the money. At it's out-of-the-way location presumably, on a non-busy weekend, you could find a good price resulting in a very affordable getaway.

Your Turn

Have you ever considered staying at a hotel located near the airport of a city rather than within the city itself? What would sway your choice one way or the other – better price? the comforts of home (like a fridge and microwave)? a bigger room?

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