9 Movie Locations I Want To Visit + 1 Thought

Sometimes it's hard to pick your next travel destination. I mean – the world is a big place! How do you decide where to go? And what do you do when you get there?

For today's #TopTenThursday challenge, I came up with a few movie location specific thoughts – most of which are about places I'd love to travel to in the future. Plus, it was fun running into websites that gave suggestions for where to eat/where to stay/etc while you are visiting a place, the same locations your favorite movie characters ate or stayed!

1. I'm so sad that Cypress Gardens, where the swan scene was filmed from The Notebook, is no longer. I had hopes and dreams of visiting that never came to fruition. (Too hot, too humid, snakes, etc…) Here are a few other locations found near Charleston, SC where The Notebook was filmed; maybe I'll actually make it to some of these places before they close for good! :)

2. Did you know that the Avengers is casting for extras in Georgia?! In fact, they will begin filming the next movie in the Atlanta area in January 2017! How exciting is that? Maybe I'll run into Iron Man or Captain America during filming?! Wouldn't that be a treat?! :)

(see part 2 here)

3. As we continue planning our trip to Hawaii, I am on a mad search for the prettiest locations to visit, and where best to start but with movie locations we know and love from Lost and Jurassic Park?

* By the way, it should be noted that I didn't like the Lost tv show until many, many years after it had concluded. And even now, I still hate the last season.

** As for Jurassic Park, I still haven't seen the first movie. I've only ever seen Jurassic World. And the scenery in that movie? *swoon* :)

4. After seeing the Anne of Green Gables movies so long ago, I have had the strong desire to visit Prince Edward Island in Canada. I think it could be beautiful, especially in the fall. (Though take a look at these images from the spring!)

5. "A terrible idea? Don't you just love those?"

From what I've heard, Tuscany has become crazy touristy and not nearly as beautiful as it once was, before Under the Tuscan Sun was filmed. Doesn't matter though. I still want to see it. One day, that is. :)

6. New Zealand is beautiful and The Lord of the Rings movies further prove that.

7. THIS movie. (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty). And the breathtaking scenes. *sigh*

So where did they take place?

+ NYC at the Time-Life building in Manhattan.

+ Nuuk, Greenland.

+ Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland. (How do you even pronounce that?!)

+ Yemen, Iceland.

+ the Himalayas.
+ and Afghanistan.

And yes, I want to visit all of those places.

But hiking?


(How was Walter Mitty in shape enough to hike the Himalayas after spending so much time working in an office in NYC? I guess these are things we will never know!)

information found here.

8. One of the things that amuses me most about Austrians (and most Europeans) is that they know nothing of The Sound of Music!

Guess what world?

I wouldn't know Austria except for The Sound of Music.

Plus, Julie Andrews. :)

It's really a great movie/musical. Give it a chance! And if you do, I promise I'll give Austria a chance! (Even though I probably will regardless!)

9. So many movies have background scenery featuring NYC. If you were to work your way through this top 100 list of NYC restaurants featured in movies, it would take quite a bit of time!

10. And finally, in my desperate search for number ten on the list, this list led me to Blended which takes place in Africa among beautiful mountain scenery. The movie was pretty terrible, but the location wins!

What do you think of my list? Is there any particular location or scenic movie you think I should have included?

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