Wordless Wednesday

NYC July 2013
For #30lists: How I Stay(ed) Busy 15 Years Ago vs. Now

15 years ago –
• FRIENDS. Always an adventure. Exploring graveyards at night, my dad threatening to take away my car when I didn't answer my phone (ha), swinging on the swingsets of my old elementary school, sitting on the lake docks late into the night and having the police approach asking for ID, shopping, singing as loud as possible in the car with friends, doughnut breakfasts in the park watching the sunrise, lots of movies at the theatre, skipping out on German club to play cards in the park, skipping school to go have a Mexican lunch with my friends, spend-the nights after prom and graduation, etc… (This was my favorite time in life. It should also be noted that I was a good kid.)
• ONLINE FRIENDS and IRL FRIENDS ONLINE. Oh the drama! But hey – it's how I got to know my (now) husband! So yay! :)
• SCHOOL. Calculus, AP economics, art, chorus, orchestra, and AP language arts. It was a pretty great year. Lots of homework despite having a mostly art-focused curriculum.
• VOLUNTEER WORK at the library. I was in charge of sorting books, preparing the kids program activities, laminating, sorting mail… Basically, if a person should get paid for doing it, I was doing it instead. Didn't even get a recommendation. :( I did get a special cord at graduation for having volunteered over 100 hours though. :)
• TV, BOOKS, & INTERNET SURFING. Sometimes my friends were busy; I had to fill that time. :)
• SCRAPBOOKING. Looking back, that was such a waste of time and money drain. If I could take back those hours and do something more useful, I would.

Now –
• VARIOUS JOBS. I do pretty much any paid work I'm offered. I like money. :)
• READING. One book a month every month. Two is my goal. I also reads lots of blogs.
• DRIVING. I live an hour from where I work. So two hours are spent on the road every week commuting.
• BLOGGING. I actually did do this 15 years ago as well, but it was less consistent. I also spend a lot of time commenting on other people's blogs which I didn't do before.
• CLEANING. Self-explanatory.
• TRAVEL. Love it. :)
• DINNER PARTIES. Once a month. It's about the only interaction Justin and I have with friends anymore. :(
• FAMILY. I spent a lot of time with family 15 years ago, but now my time is more-focused. I have a nephew. I'm worried about aging grandparents (and parents).
• COOKING. Love to travel somewhere then return home and try to make the same delicacies we had while we were gone. Translating cookbooks ftw! (I don't do actual dinners though; I leave that to the household chef, my husband.)
• PHOTOGRAPHY/PHOTO EDITING. Also self-explanatory.
• BUDGETING. Fifteen years ago, it was like "what's that?" ;)

My life has changed quite a bit in 15 years.

What are some differences in your life from the past 15 years? Are you proud of those differences? Is there anything you would change?

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