Urban Pie Pizza: the NYC Answer to Frozen Pizza

Thanks to BzzAgent, Justin and I got a few moments break during the hectic last days of summer as we frantically attempted to complete everything before our days got shorter and the sun was down earlier. We received a free coupon to try Urban Pie pizza in exchange for a review, and boy was I surprised by the result!

Urban Pie pizza was designed to break the mold of other frozen pizza brands aiming to offer a unique take on each of four bureaus found within New York City: Little Italy, Mission District, Lakeview, and North End. As such, you will everything from your plain margherita style (Little Italy) to the best pizza for meat lovers (Mission District). Each pizza offers a thin crust perfectly flaky made with just a touch of Italian "love" added in. The differing pizza flavors all have unique cook times dependent on the fresh ingredients included in each pie–so you are looking at a 10-20 minute cook time for the perfect New York style pizza.

Here are some shots from when we made ours:

Delicious. Fast. Easy.

So that you can focus on the important things in life.

Have you seen Urban Pie pizza at your local grocery store? Are you intrigued by the unique New York bureau inspired flavors? 

Find out more about Urban Pie pizza here.

* I received this product at a discounted cost in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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