Ten Must-Haves

What my packing actually looks like!
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Rather than imagine there is a fire, as Tamara Gerber of Confessions of a Part-Time Mom would have me consider, I have decided to pretend I am going on an extended vacation and must grab ten essentials since I am flying to Europe on WOW air (and you know they charge by weight!) to visit my new friend. :) (Seriously, that should have been the challenge. 😉) As it turns out, the only essential I could think of to grab when running from a fire was my phone, and that doesn't make for an entertaining post. 😕

1. My iPhone + charger

Or! Screw the charger. It won't work in Europe anyway. Maybe I'll just take my back up battery and cord instead. I can buy necessary chargers when there or … beg my friends to see if they will let me borrow one. I have enough European friends! Someone ought to let me, right?! 😀

2/3/4. Flip Flops, Flats, Walking Boots

Flip flops are a must-have. I will seriously run around in them in the dead of winter.

Walking boots are great for boarding the plane. Super comfy + if I wear them with socks, I don't have to walk through screening barefoot. 😧
And I was going to leave flats out of the equation, but I bought these amazing Repetto flats in France over the summer. I've only worn them twice, but they are so comfortable and so beautiful that I couldn't leave them out of the equation. Plus, I'm super picky about shoes. I can buy almost anything anywhere, but shoes are a no.

5. A jacket for the plane.

I love cuddling up with something soft on the plane ride. If I can't have a pillow or blanket, a jacket will work wonders. 😀

6. My headphones

How else am I suppose to drown out all of the sounds?

7. A change of clothes

If I'm wearing a dress on the plane, then a pair of my favorite skinny jeans and a sweater or a top will work just fine. If I'm wearing jeans, vice versa.

8/9. Toiletries & Minimal Makeup

Not necessarily a must-have, but toiletries are nice to have at the end of a plane ride. Deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, and concealer should be enough.

10. Snack + Water + Advil

This is a long flight! I need to stay hydrated. If I have to, I can purchase the snack/water on the plane, but I need Advil. And yes. Only Advil will do.

If you were to travel somewhere on a low cost airline, what would be your essentials? Or, if you prefer, if you were running from your house to escape a fire, what would you grab on the way out?

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