September is… Currently

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It's my most-favorite time of the year! #30lists time! :) I'm not actually sure to what degree I'm going to be participating, but I thought I would go ahead and respond to yesterday's prompt and provide a "Currently" post since I haven't done one in a while… :)

September is…
• back in school
• more traffic + school buses
• bouquets of newly sharpened pencils :) (anyone know the reference?)
• one last beach trip
• the beginning of fall

Listening to
Pink "Just Like Fire" (Have you seen the music video? Crazy!)

As soon as I get data back on my phone, I'll probably be listening to Coffee Break French. If you are interested, it's small "doses" (15 mins) of language that you can listen to during your coffee break.

France July 2016 :)

(Coldplay's song just brings on all of the nostalgia! Fireworks ftw?)

ALL of the travel.

Oh – and debt paying. :(

Friends recently asked "Where are you going next? We want to go too!" So, I'm trying to work with Justin to figure out when and how we can get to Greece. I think we also owe a trip to Switzerland, and we have a friend that wants us to do ALL of the hiking in Germany. I'm not really a hiker, but I feel like I haven't really given Germany much of a chance. I did love Dresden though… And I need to visit Berlin. Bauhaus ftw? (Actually I've heard it's not that great, but I've read so much about it that I have to go!) My obsession has been France, which I've fallen head-over-heels for. Seriously, if a country could marry me, I'd want to marry France. :) 

Of course, that's just Europe travel. I also have the strong desire to explore St. Petersburg, FL more fully, seeing Egmont Key and the Dali museum. Then there is Huntington Beach State Park in SC, and Jekyll Island, St. Simons Island, and Cumberland Island in GA. Just so. many. places. :)

Anxiously Awaiting
the end of the school year when I have to find a different job. Just no.

Interested to Know
what this year holds.


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