Millenial Travel Trends

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I was born between 1980-2000 and thus am a millennial traveler. I went searching to discover what the latest travel trends for my generation are, and here is what I learned:

• 86% of millennials travel to experience new culture.

Yes, I love seeing the sights, but I also love learning new languages, trying new (selective) foods, and, most importantly, analyzing people's social interactions with one another, the landscape, and objects.

For example, I think it's really cool that the beach (neutral in English) is la plage (feminine in French) and der Strand (masculine in German). How does the gender of a location play a role in how all of these different cultures "see" it?

I also loved trying glühwein, seeing Christmas markets in Europe, going New Year's eve "trick or treating" (lol), and considering a sandwich as a breakfast food.

Experiences definitely make for a more exciting trip than just seeing "the sights".

• 84% reported user generated content had some influence on what they buy more than ads


Ads make me feel "sold" to. When a blogger (or facebook friend… or instagram friend) has a great time at a place and gets shockingly beautiful pictures, that plays a huge role in whether or not I want to go to a place.

• 75% wish to travel abroad as much as possible

Umm… YES!

I've never been to California to see the west coast. I haven't been to Hawaii or Alaska … or Denver … or Colorado. There is a lot of the US that I simply haven't seen.

And yet…

What keeps calling to me?

The Alps. Germany's castles. French chateaus. Switzerland's cheese. the reindeer in Norway. Mexican beaches. the cherry blossoms in Japan. seeing fireworks for New Year's eve in Australia. My Italian ancestry. England's queen. :)

I guess the US just seems more accessible which makes it less appealing?

• 85% check multiple travel sites to make sure they get the best deal

It's hard to get a good deal! Travelocity might be offering a 10% coupon which may be a better deal than booking direct to earn points. How do you decide?

And then, if you click through ebates (or another similar site) you might get an additional percentage off of your hotel, flight, or car rental. 

It can all be so confusing!

• 60% pay for in-flight WiFi

I do not. There have been times when I've considered it, but mostly I just decide it's not worth it. Then I proceed to sleep, watch a movie, listen to music, read, and/or look out the window.

• 75% pay for premium services such as baggage tracking, temp luggage check, curtsied rental car pickup

I HATE the thought of my luggage being lost on an airline. I try to pack as much as possible into a carry-on. Then I use Trakdot service when I start freaking out that my luggage hasn't hit the belt yet. *sigh*

I have to say there is something comforting about having a courtesied rental car available for you at the airport. I usually am the opposite though – I'd rather have the car drop me off then pick me up from the airport. By the time we are returning to the airport from travel, our luggage has fattened up and is impossible to carry. This is when I very seriously consider my need to start lifting weights at the gym.

And as for temp luggage check? :) It's so much better than carrying your luggage around. Bags are heavy, unwieldy, and slow you down. Who needs that? Time on vacation is short-lived enough even without that!

• 58% prefer full service hotels

I don't do hostels. I love hotels that offer amenities, free water, a luxurious bed, complimentary points, drinks or snacks (Doubletree cookies ftw!), free breakfasts, rooms with views, upgrades, etc… Basically, the fancier (for the cheaper price), the better!

• 11% prefer owner-direct rental like Airbnb

And when I'm traveling with friends/family, AirBnb is the bomb! Nothing better than getting two rooms for the price of one. Or being able to cook and save money on food. … Or being able to see the July 4th fireworks from your own personal dock! :)

• 68% are loyal to the program  where they have the most rewards accumulated such as cash/freebies, discounts, VIP upgrades, extra amenities

This, actually, is not true for me. I have the most points with IHG, but I think IHG hotels are kind of lame. I prefer Hilton. But Hilton points are hard to get and hard to use. Hyatt is also awesome. But once again, hard to accrue (quickly anyway), which thus makes them hard to use. IHG, it is.

• 75% of millennials has travel apps on their phones compared

I have a whole folder of travel apps on my iphone. Two pages. And I keep downloading them. It's a problem. :)

• 58% prefer to travel with friends

Nothing better. :) Plus, it helps to save money.

If you are a millennial, do you agree with any of the statements shared in this article? Are there any other things that differentiate you from older generations (like your parents or grandparents)? If you aren't a millennial, is there anything that you think is incorrect or an unfair generalization of your generation? What travel trends do you expect to continue in 2017? Are there any that you think will disappear? 

* Participating in #30lists. (Day 12.)

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