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At the beginning of every month, as part of the Insecure Writer's Support Group, I take a look at my successes (not just in writing), share the ways I hope to improve in the next month, answer the IWSG question of the month, and provide inspiration (if I have any). Here's this month's edition:

August Wins
Another month: another book.
Cultural experience: Myrtle Beach (SC), Fort DeSoto (FL), Madeira Beach (FL)
Spent less than we did in August 2015. (wasn't hard to do)
Open a new Chase checking account (and get free $$!)
Close Chase Disney CC account. (I called. They said no.)

Other Successes –
Didn't go over our cell phone data limit
Spent less than we did in any of the last four months (May, June, July, & August)
and second cousins
and friends.

September Goals –
• Another month: another book. 😀
• Cultural experience: Callaway Gardens and Savannah, GA
• Spend less than we did in September 2015.

IWSG Question: How do you find the time to write in your busy day?

It's actually really hard. I try to write a little bit every day even if I think it's not actually helping me become a better writer. 😟  I've been trying to make sure I have a blog post ready to go by 3AM PST every day., which basically means I need to have the post finished the night before. But if we have a busy night ahead of us (meeting up with friends, going out to eat, babysitting late), then I have to have the post finished by the morning before. And don't even get me started on what I have to do if we are traveling somewhere. Basically, blogging is complicated. And developing your writing skills is even more-so. I envy those of you that have a rhythm and are able to keep up easily day-after-day.

Your Turn

What kind of goals did you accomplish in August? If you have long term goals, how do you maintain your focus? If you are a writer, is there any activity you have found that has improved your writing?

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