Famous People I'd Love to Meet

As per the rules of #TopTenThursday, here are ten eight famous people I'd love to meet:

1. Hannah Hart

2. Sue Bryce

3. Lindsay Adler

4. Danica McKellar

5. Mayim Bialik

I love seeing women who truly excel at what they do. Hannah Hart seems like she would make a good friend. Sue Bryce and Lindsay Adler have played a huge role in my development as a photographer, constantly encouraging me and supporting me through providing awesome free classes on CreativeLive. Then there is Danica McKellar and Mayim Bialik who are actresses that have gone all-science. I'm not really a science geek, but I love seeing women that are these types of strong role models in the world for girls that want to go that route–girls who want to be scientists/mathematicians/astronauts/so on and so forth. I think it's absolutely beautiful to see women being more than a pretty face, especially after having been a "pretty face" on television and having that sort of experience where they could have become just the face and nothing more. There had to be some awesome parenting going on in the background of these two girls. :)

Of course there are a few men I admire and would love to meet as well…

6. Flula Borg

7. Tyler Shelton

8. Matthew Kepnes

I think Flula Borg is hilarious. I'm not sure I could chat with him and still maintain a straight face. Tyler Shelton is incredibly creative. Recently his vlog series has begun to bore me, but that engagement video still captivates me. EVERY TIME I watch it. Soo, soo beautiful. :) I'd love to hear his top tips for editing photos and video. Then there is nomadic Matt Kepnes who has been such an inspiration. Before him, I didn't even know traveling for free/cheap was a thing. Plus, he has done amazing work, through his charity, providing the lifetime-changing experience of traveling abroad to students in poor communities. :)

So there you have it. My top eight for Thursday. Yeah, sorry it's not 10. I tried. :)

If you were participating in #TopTenThursday who would be on your list? Movie stars, rock stars, Youtubers, Bloggers, dead people? Share, I'd love to hear! Then link up at the Confessions of a Part Time Working Mom!

* Edited to add one more person: Charlie Puth. He seems awesome and totally down-to-earth.

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