Orange You Glad It's Friday?

Remember when I shared all of the lime-tastic recipes last month? That was a re-post, but one I was only too glad to share again! In the time since I wrote that post, my husband and I haven't gone crazy and purchased a big box of oranges, but for the August Break challenge, if we had had time, I would! And that, my friends, is what this post is dedicated to: oranges. The following is what would happen if we went to the grocery store and bought a case of oranges. :) For research purposes, I kept myself limited to dinner; I think we all know that an orange-filled breakfast would be easy to come by! (Orange juice, an orange mimosa, or orange tea + orange sweet rolls ftw?)

Let's begin with drinks.

Even though we all know fruity drinks are the tastiest, there aren't many dinner cocktails or mocktails I could think of when I first started putting together this post that are made with oranges. I mean – orange juice and mimosas, duh. But those are typically breakfast drinks. What would be something typically had with dinner?

Let's try Blood Orange Lemonade (for the lightweights in the family) or Hurricane Punch (for those of you that want a bit more of a kick). Now it's possible you are making these drinks during the summer, since it is August, and blood oranges may not be around. If that's the case, consider substituting regular oranges for the blood oranges and you should be good!

Kids in the family (or even wannabe kids) might prefer a mouthwatering orange creamsicle float (with a bit of aperol at the bottom to make your inner Justin sing). Be sure not to get too full though! Dinner is yet to come! :)

For appetizers, I settled on two things that could argumentatively be considered dips or desserts, but for the sake of blogging we will call them appetizers since they could be served at a party as appetizers…

Orange Creamsicle Fruit Dip and Orange Fig Jam (to be served with bread or cheese) at your service!

And if a delicious orangey flavored bread is what you are seeking, check out this recipe for Orange Honey Flavored Cornbread! Yum! … But don't forget the Sweet Orange Butter to go on top!

Now, it's time for dinner! :)

My go-to would probably be the delightful Orange Chicken, but I thought I'd search out other options as well. (Do you have any idea how many orange chicken pins there are on pinterest?!?) Non-orange chicken dishes I found included yummy Orange Sticky Finger Ribs, and, for all you vegetarians out there, consider making a Honey Orange Vinaigrette to go on a refreshing salad.

While I'm partial to rice and broccoli, I did find a few surprisingly unique side ideas for you orange fans out there.

Consider Orange Sweet Potatoes or Citrus Rice to change up your dinner routine and surprise your family.

Before everyone goes their separate ways, take some time to savor a delicious dessert

made up of Easy Glazed Orange Bundt Cake and Homemade Orange Sherbet Ice Cream.

Is that a good day?

I think so. :)

What are some of your favorite orange-flavored recipes? Will you be trying any of these delicious treats? … Have I convinced you to go buy a case of oranges? :)

* I'm participating in Susannah Conway's
August Break. Today's post was written with the word "orange" in mind (day 26).

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