Circle Line: NYC Sunset Cruise

At the beginning of spring, Justin and I found a good deal at for a hotel in NYC for the weekend of July 4th. Loving the idea of a good deal AND a trip to NYC, I immediately booked. What was there to lose? We could always cancel!

As it turns out, we didn't have to cancel. The hotel noticed what happened and cancelled on us. Or, rather, they said we had been charged the wrong amount and would be charged X amount more. If we weren't ok with that, we should do nothing. If we were ok with that, we would need to log in and pay the extra within a specified amount of time.

Given that the hotel itself wasn't that great, we let it go.

But the problem with me is that I don't just let things go. If we say we are going on a trip, I begin to get excited and start imagining all of the possibilities. Visiting NYC for the July 4th fireworks went from an eventuality maybe to an on-my-bucket-list must-do-right-now. You seriously cannot tease me with travel. I cling to it like a moth to a flame!

And so I held onto this idea of travel to NYC for July 4th, but then I added to it. France for July 14 also? Heck yeah! And happy birthday to me! (I like to think we only went because it was my birthday wish, but the truth is, my husband probably just didn't want to argue with me. And he probably had a secret desire to return to Europe as well…)

The problem was: when I started making plans to visit Paris for July 14th, despite the fact that I had hotels and flights to NYC, the whole trip to NYC started to sound less appealing. I mean – NYC? … Paris? Where would you rather go? Obviously the one that costs the most and is farthest from you, amiright? ;)

I always say that NYC is full of life. It's exciting, it's magical, and it's a great place for people watching. And I love people-watching!

Paris, on the other hand, is beautiful. Historical. Pretty. Gorgeous architecture. Loads of history.

And while I am absolutely head-over-heels in love with both cities, when planning a trip to Paris, it is mighty hard to focus on activities you will do while in NYC.

So what do you do when this is the case? You place ALL of your energy into the trip that is coming first, blocking off the second trip from your mind almost entirely. The goal is to find a way to fall in love with city 1 again before you venture off to city 2. Which is what we did.

One activity I love doing most while on trips are boat tours at sunset, so that's what we planned. Idid research to figure out which boat tour would be best, then started booking. Although Circle Line wasn't necessarily the best, they were the cheapest. And a boat tour is a boat tour. I just had to hope and pray it wouldn't rain that night and the sunset would be pretty. I imagined a calm evening where Justin and I go have a fancy dinner, meander to the boat slowly, find the perfect viewing spot, relax and take pictures, then go have dessert following. Great idea, right?

Here's the way our evening actually went:

- OMG! We only have an hour before we need to be at the boat! I need my camera and a jacket! Do we have time?
- We'll take an Uber from the hotel. It'll be good.
- OMG! Is that the line for our boat?!?!?! We'll never make it! We should have been here an hour early! (Tickets say get there 30 minutes early. The line definitely doesn't look like that when you arrive. But no worries. The line moves.)
- Oops. Forgot I was wearing a purse around my neck. Guess they didn't notice it either? (Security checks your bags. Have your bags open and ready for inspection when you get to the front of the line.)
- The people behind us got stopped? Does that mean we are the last to board our boat? (Yes.)
- No seats up top. Can we stand outside on the deck? The Circle Line windows are gross and covered with salt. (Answer: yes, but hurry! When everyone else realizes they can stand on the deck, you will be fighting for a spot to see!)
- Want a drink? (Don't go. Justin stood in line for 30 minutes or 1/3 of the ride before giving up. The line didn't move.)
- Sunset! Statue of Liberty! All of the buildings and bridges! Squee!
- Flip flops. Boat hole. Ocean waves. Wet feet.
- Summer night on the water = cold.
- Lack of food beforehand = hungry.
- End of trip. Boat docks. Race to get in line to disboard. Find first Uber driver possible. Return to hotel for warmer clothes before going out to eat. (Lots of things are closed, because NYC actually does sleep despite what you may have heard…)

In conclusion, the Circle Line boat tour was absolutely amazing! But you should plan better than me. Do take the time to eat before you board the ship. Do arrive to the docks early. Do wear warm clothing (or dress in layers, even in the summer!). Do bring your camera. Do not bring knives, guns, bombs, or anything else you think might be against regulation. And definitely consider the weather when you book, Circle Line tours go on whether in rain or shine.

The tour lasted approximately 1.5 hours and takes you by many of NYC's landmarks. 

If you've been to NYC before and perhaps you're getting tired of the same old same old, give a boat tour a try. It will give you an entirely new perspective of NYC and, if you're lucky, you'll get a beautiful sunset view of the city as well! Win-win! :)

Statue of Liberty

Brooklyn Bridge

Manhattan Bridge

Williamsburg Bridge

Empire State Building


Not the Manhattanhenge. :( But close…

Jersey City

Long Island

Manhattan Bridge


Brooklyn Bridge

One World Trade Center

Hope you enjoyed my spiel about the Circle Line tour and how I fell madly in love with NYC again! We had an amazing time (aside from being cold, wet, and hungry) and the tour definitely gave me a new appreciation for the city and it's beauty.

Have you ever taken a boat tour of a city? Would you consider it?

Justin and I also rode in a schooner for a second sunset boat tour while we were in NYC. Images and review of that experience (which was entirely different from this one) will come soon. :)

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