10 Rules For Traveling With Me

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If you travel with me, there are some rules that you must abide by. :)

1. I am not driving unless we are taking my car. Even then, the times when I agree to drive will be limited to like … zero. ;) This means that I can not be the only one not drunk, and if I am the only one not drunk, there had better be public transportation. Got that? ;)

One exception: If everyone in the party is sick or dying and I have to get them to the nearest hospital. But if you are bleeding, there are no guarantees you'll make it and we would be better off just calling the ambulance. So there is that.

2. Flip flops must be accounted for. I'm from the South and there is not a season where flip flops are inappropriate. I will not buy stupid looking athletic shoes that I will never wear in my everyday life. They are a waste of money, look ugly, and are uncomfortable. (Socks? Shoes? What?!?!) Life is much better with minimal foot coverage. ;)

Furthermore, athletic shoes take up extra bag space that could be used for cute shoes. #JustSaying

3. My camera is coming with me, but I will pawn it off on someone else to carry. That thing gets heavy!!! (How do women carry purses? I just don't understand!!!!)

4. This isn't my rule, but if Justin is traveling with us we HAVE to have breakfast and coffee every morning within a few hours of waking up. If not, he gets cranky. I just don't understand, and I've given up trying. How do people spend so much money on coffee every day and not feel bad about it? Drink water and be done with it; that's my opinion anyway.

5. No pictures will be taken of me unless I've just gotten my hair done and I'm wearing a cute outfit. I will take pictures of you though. All of the pictures of you… You won't ever see them though. Makes you want to plan a trip with me right now, doesn't it? :)

6. I get the window seat on the plane. Sorry! (Not sorry!) ;)

Oh - and don't even think of putting me in the middle seat in the back of the car. Argh.

7. I will take my pillow and Justin's blanket, because I pack like a 5 year old. Get over it.

8. We will see and photograph at least one sunset, otherwise the whole trip is awash.

9. Research before the trip will be exhaustive and will begin as soon as I know I'm going. Decisions will be hard to come by though. Fifteen million internet people will have to agree on the best places to stay, eat, see, and things to do before I decide that that is what I want to do. Then it will be time to research coupons and deals. TripAdvisor will definitely aid in this process. Basically, be glad you aren't Justin…

10. If any calls are necessary, I will not be the one making them. That's what my husband is for. Right, Justin? :-P

What rules do you have when traveling? Do you have any in common with me? I'm certain families with kids have lots of rules! :)

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