Todd Wilbur's The Best Of Top Secret Recipes

Every year at Christmas time, Justin and I always receive that one item from that one person that is decidedly not unique and also very cheap. It's not that I need an expensive gift for the holidays … or even really a unique one, but it is nice if some semblance of thought has gone into the gifting…

This year for Christmas, just as I finally figure out what to do with last year's gifts (include them with a wedding gift that I did put thought into! hoozah!), we get another silly Christmas gift. The Best of Top Secret Recipes? Really? It's not that I had heard of the book before, but one look at the cover told me all I needed to know: junk food for the junk food chef.

Don't get me wrong. I'm all about the junk food. Give me cookies any day! And cheese fries! :)

But, Justin, not so much. And he's the one that does all of the cooking.

No, this book would not go over well in our household.

However, I decided to give it a try… What did I see in the Table of Contents? DoubleTree cookies?!? As in the hotel? Count me in! (Yes, that's all it took.)

Next thing you know we are in the kitchen two weeks prior to an actual stay at a DoubleTree Hotel and Justin's baking me cookies. Because, why not? He used pecans instead of the called for nuts, and these cookies were too die for! Delicious, melt in your mouth, and perfectly chocolatey. Only my grandmother's cookies can compete! And I'm not typically one to like nuts in my chocolate chip cookies!

This had to be a fluke! So last week, I had Justin make the Chili's (Restaurant) fajitas.

Another win!

While things like McDonald's milkshakes, Wendy's Frostys, KFC's fried chicken, and Krispy Kreme donuts are not high on our must-make list (nor should they be!), this book definitely managed to win me over. Yes, it is mostly made up of junk food, but the, few and far between non junk food items are definitely tasty and delicious. And when you actually want junk food, this is the book for you! The best part? You can find it on Amazon for as little as 1¢ + shipping! What are you waiting for? ;)

The one thing I would caution you about though is that the author, Todd Wilbur, recommends using name brand products in his recipes. Why? I ask you. Is he getting paid to push these products? Is the cookbook an elaborate ruse to sell products?

Well… whatever. I don't use name brands, and my opinion is that you don't have to either.

The point is: I will never doubt a person's not very well-thought out gift again!

At least until next year! ;)

Have you ever been surprised by the usefulness of what you thought was a ridiculous gift? What about a cookbook you thought had no place in your life?

Buy Todd Wilbur's The Best of Top Secret Recipes here.

* I'm spending July writing my blog posts in response to all of the wacky (and not so wacky) national and international holidays that occur during this month. Today's post was written in response to national Junk Food Day, because most of the food found in Todd Wilbur's The Best of Top Secret Recipes are … junk food. It doesn't mean they are any less good, I'm just referring to the food, on Junk Food Day, as what it is. :) Will you be making or eating any junk food today in celebration? :)
** This post was written in advance. I am out of town and working full time most of this month. I appreciate your understanding if I am slow to respond to comments and questions. :)

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