The French Broad in Asheville

Photo credit: cleverocity via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Last year, shortly after April A-Z, I began thinking more about my blog and where I wanted to take it. I started writing based on specific topics (Money Monday, Travel Tuesday, etc…) and I knew that to continue with that trend I would need new topics. In fact, having set topics encouraged me to think outside the box and delve into my surroundings in a new way. What could we learn from places we were already frequenting? What new experiences could be had so close to home?

And thus I began to research.

At the time we had a season pass to Biltmore Estates, so we were spending a lot of time in Asheville. Instead of just going and seeing my favorite things, I decided to actually do a bit of research. What was something new and different that we could do?

Well, for one we went exploring the local art museum. We ate at a vegetarian restaurant and we explored a book shop. Then, I saw the line for French Broad

I had read about it online, but there it was – the stately building standing there with, what was deemed to be one purpose: serving chocolate in every shape and form to the people of Asheville.

Believing that the lines would always be long (they aren't), Justin and I jumped into position and waited. An hour went by as chocolate menus were passed down and instructions from staff were given. Finally, it was our turn.

I ordered the milk chocolate liquid truffle hot chocolate, a caramel truffle, and a French macaron (with a sample of ice cream to taste). Justin ordered coffee, a dark chocolate truffle, and a slice of cake.

The idea was that we were going to try all of these different types of chocolate and discern whether or not French Board was worth the experience.

Photo credit: Jason Riedy via Visual Hunt / CC BY

One bite…

Two bites…

Three bites…


Disappointment slowly consumed us.

My truffle hot chocolate was too thick and too dark to be considered creamy or, in my opinion, delicious. Justin was pleased with his coffee, but I don't drink it… :( The cake was disappointing and the macaron was more like an American cookie than anything I've ever had in France. And finally the truffles were… intense.

Visiting the French Broad Chocolate Lounge was an experience like no other. From the long lines to seating yourself on couches or at tables to the servers who bring you your food. It was fun and I might return, but only if the lines aren't long.

As I said, the chocolate treats we tried were a let down, however, the ice cream was good. I'd be willing to go back and give the French Broad a second chance. Maybe my disappointment stemmed from the products I ordered rather than the chocolate itself? And, further more, maybe it was a blessing in disguise that I couldn't consume as much chocolate as I ordered?! I imagine one could get pretty chocolated out at a place like this! :)

At French Broad, they serve everything chocolate: cakes, truffles, brownies, ice cream, trifles, mousse, and, of course, hot chocolate. If you were to go, which would you choose? Do you have a chocolate shop like this where you live?

* I'm spending July writing my blog posts in response to all of the wacky (and not so wacky) national and international holidays that occur during this month. Today's blog post was written in response to National Milk Chocolate Day! Will you be eating any in honor of the festive occasion? ;)
** This post was written in advance. I am out of town and working full time most of this month. I appreciate your understanding if I am slow to respond to comments and questions. :)

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