Paris, France May 2014

Every month I participate in IWSG or the Insecure Writer's Support Group; however, my insecurity seeps into many other layers of my life and is not just worrisome when it comes to writing. I worry about saying the right thing, doing the right thing, and not accomplishing enough. #WhatAmIDoingWithMyLife?!? So, beginning last year, I started listing the things I was accomplishing each month and the goals I hoped to achieve as part of my IWSG challenge. After all, it makes no sense to talk about what makes you insecure if that just leads to more insecurity. Why not be productive with your life? …with your time?

The following lists contain what I have accomplished during June and what my new goals will be for July. At the end of the post, I've got some awesome inspiration that I encourage IWSG readers to watch and consider. Maybe it will make you smile? Maybe it will spark an idea? … or push you to accomplish more sooner? Whatever it does, I sincerely hope it encourages you as you begin the process of getting through July. Good luck in whatever your goals are for this month! :)

June Accomplishments –
✗ Research & finish July travel.
✗ Contact Jawbone about replacement Up3.
✓ Read one book.
✓ Take car in for warranty service.
✓ Something cultural. (Biltmore Estates Memorial Day fireworks, Helen Hot Air Balloon Festival)

Additional Successes –
✓ Visited a new beach! (Hunting Island, SC)
✓ Survived a morning with a 5 and 3 year old! (One wore PJs under his clothes to school and the other wore snow boots to zoo camp… in Georgia… Survived is definitely the word I'd use!)
✓ Finished June blogging 3 weeks early!
✓ Blog design updates: Did you notice any?

Future July Goals –
• Read at least one book.
• Cultural experience! (July 4th fireworks in NYC, Bastille Day in France)
• Contact JoTotes about broken bag. :(
• Talk to Chase about opening a new checking account.
• Change Visa Venture card to free version. (We now have Citi Double Cash Back Rewards card.)

Encouragement & Thoughts –

Your Turn –
In the comments below, feel free to share your monthly goals with me. Did you accomplish what you set out to do in June? Did you fall behind? What do you intend on doing better or differently in July?

* I'm spending July writing my blog posts in response to all of the wacky (and not so wacky) national and international holidays that occur during this month. The image for today's post was in response to National Kissing Day! Go kiss someone you love!
** This post was written in advance. I am out of town and working full time most of this month. I appreciate your understanding if I am slow to respond to comments and questions. :)

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