10 Facts About Final Cut Revised

Going through the boxes at Final Cut is like going through laundry;
you never know what you'll find!
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Not exactly Charleston-related, every time I go to South Carolina, my husband and I drive out of the way, through Augusta, GA, to stop by Final Cut and sift through the clothing at this popular thrift store. What I have learned from the many stops we've made there is to keep an open mind, ask about prices before checkout, and tighten your wallet when you find things you aren't certain you will wear. With their no-return policy, in some cases you will have better luck and pay better prices if you buy directly from the store. (Especially when it involves sale items from Anthropologie!)

Here's a list of facts about Final Cut that I shared almost a year ago, with a bit of revision, stemming from what I've learned since that time.

1. Final Cut has boxes and boxes of clothes. They are sorted by store received from (for the most part) and year that the item was available. Aside from that, you will have to get down on your hands and knees and just search. Most clothing does not have a size listed on it, and occasionally you will find pieces that are snagged or twisted together (i.e. lace and zippers). Check your clothing carefully before purchasing.

2. Wedding dresses from BHLDN! The majority of these cannot be bought for $20; however, if you want one for $100, you are in luck! :) Last time I was there, there were only a few to choose from, but these probably varies depending on stock. These are some of the only pieces of clothing hung on hangers in the store!

3. Very little clothing is sorted and hung on hangers. It, obviously, is the easiest to go through and often the least damaged. It is priced the same as the boxed clothing.

4. Tons of furniture! Granted this is not a furniture store, but there is a lot of furniture. Some of the furniture is damaged. The discounted prices may not make that furniture worthwhile. But other furniture? OMG! YES! $100 for a gorgeous front and back bed post? Or what about a chandelier? If Justin and I were in a better position for furniture buying, I would be all over it! :)

5. Jewelry, shoes, and accessories hang on boards throughout the store. I haven't ever seen any that I actually want, so I couldn't tell you if they are occasionally tangled or broken, but I did want to mention that they exist. Now you know.

6. Books. I've only been once when I had time to look, and because I receive so many books for free in exchange for a review, the idea of paying for a book simply isn't as appealing as it once was. Plus, these books aren't sorted at all! You might find a kid's book next to a cookbook next to a travel book! The pages could be torn and the binding could be messed up. Be sure the book you are looking at is in good condition before you take it to the register.

7. Sheets, table clothes, duvets, etc are all thrown into a few bins and ready for you to go through. If you are looking for something specific, good luck! In my opinion, these bins are hardly worth looking through. I'd much rather spend my time going through the boxes of clothes.

8. Don't expect to find many home accessories and knick knacks. There was only really one aisle of these on about 4 or 5 shelves.

9. The dressing rooms close early. I arrived at the store at 6PM and had to race to the dressing room to try on clothes before 6:30PM, the dressing room closing time. I understand they are trying to close the store in a timely manner, but it was frustrating. Lesson learned? Get there early.

10. If you buy items that do have a tag on them (very few do), the cashier will rip the tag off at the time of purchase. There are no refunds or exchanges … to Anthropologie or Final Cut.

So is it worth it to take a detour on your next vacation to Final Cut? It depends on how much you like thrift shopping and scoring a deal. If you are looking for an old Anthropologie/Free People/BHLDN/Urban Outfitters item, you might be able to make a score. If you are looking for a new one, the same is true. But no matter what, you will likely have the best luck (and most fun) if you go into the store with an open mind not expecting to find anything in particular and with a full wallet just in case you find everything. The prices here are not exactly thrift store prices and the items sold here aren't all in the best shape, but what you will find are huge discounts on branded items typically sold from the Urban Outfitters branded stores.

So … thoughts? Will you be making the trek out to Final Cut? Were you aware that an Anthropologie discount store existed?

* This is not a paid endorsement. Just thought I'd share one of my most recent travel-related discoveries. :)

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