Memorial Day Sale!

I haven't done a fashion post in a while and, as of next Friday this blog is about to go knee deep into travel posts (and Friday food posts), so we are going to go light for this post as I share a few of my most desired clothing prospects. Bare with me–

Blair Empire Top $49.95 and on sale this weekend for an additional 30% off

Cafe Dress $158 

Tassel Fringe Poncho $59.95 (+ additional 30% off)

Willa Rancher $59.95 (+ additional 30% off)

Swing Out Sister Sweater in frappe $39.95 (+ 25% off)

Mary-Jayne Flat in gold-glitter $99.95 (+ 25% off)

Are any of your favorite stores having a sale for the holiday weekend? Is there anything in my list of likes that you would consider buying for yourself?


  1. No Memorial Day Sale here in Switzerland :-(
    I did some regular online shopping, though. Do you know "I love" cosmetic products?

  2. Cute. No, nothing in your list would tempt me, but that's mostly because none of that comes in my size. (Not even the shoes--my double wide foot even makes shoe shopping difficult.)

  3. Those dresses are gorgeous, and I've always wanted a strapless denim prom dress for some reason. I have no idea why. That one looks particularly beautiful. Let us know if you purchase any of them :)


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