Ladurée: The Sweet Recipes (Sucré) Review

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Just over a year ago, my husband and I got our hands on Philippe Andrieu's hardback 2011 edition of Ladurée Sucré on sale from our local Anthropologie. As it turns out, the text in the book was accidentally published upside down resulting in the sale price we found it at. Not knowing if or when the original book would ever go on sale, we decided to snatch up the cute little 7.5 inch book, with gilt-edged pages embellished in gold, to help us improve our French baking skills. With a big name like Ladurée on the cover, what did we have to lose?

While there are many, many, many recipes in Ladurée: Sucré that I intend on making at some point, in the past year, what with all the other cook books we have reviewed in that time, we have only had a chance to make two recipes from this book.

1) waffles (gaufres maison)

2) crêpes

One of which was made in celebration the first time my family had a get together after my nephew was born. Waffles made with orange flower water and powdered sugar paired with mimosas for a celebration breakfast? Why yes! I think I will!

The thing is, recipes in Ladurée: Sucré aren't your typical American recipes. These have style, or what you might call class. I mean, what all is included in a typical waffle recipe? Flour, oil, sugar, baking powder, milk, and salt? Ladurée takes it a step further combining sour cream and orange flower water into the mix. You cook the waffles in the waffle iron until they are crisp and thin, almost reminiscent of a cookie – crisp and thin on the outside, soft on the inside. It was really good, and the texture gave it a particularly French feel. :)

The crêpes weren't too different from the waffles. They too called for interesting ingredients (rum and/or Grand Marnier?), and also came out slightly firmer than what I typically expect from the crêpes my husband makes. And don't get it in your head that my husband overcooked these; in fact this Ladurée: Sucré cookbook has me believing that our previous methods of crêpe making have been all wrong! These crêpes are, by far, more delicious than anything any American has ever put together (and there are Americans that have put together some seriously delicious foods!).

Crêpes and waffles aren't the only delicious sweets to be found in Ladurée: Sucrée! Andrieu also includes recipes for madeleines, financiers, brioche, beignets, tartes, various ice creams and sorbets, caramels, truffles, and so much more! I can only wish I had more time to make all of these recipes and the metabolism to eat them all! Yum!

Photo courtesy of Martijn Barendse via Creative Commons.

Ladurée didn't stop at sweets when the company compiled their large number of recipes though. Keep in mind that Ladurée is a café in France and not just a patisserie! Other books by the company include:

Ladurée: The Savory Recipes
Ladurée Macarons
Ladurée: Entertaining: Recipes, Ideas & Inspiration (Cuisine Et Vin)

While Ladurée was not my first choice for macarons in the city of love, I do think the cookbook they offer provides solid recipes, perfect for the burgeoning chef or anyone who enjoys baking a delicious pastries in the kitchen. The book itself is a joy to look at and is sure to call attention if left out on a coffee table or positioned prettily on a bookshelf; anything you create using the book is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. The author even took the time to incorporate both American (cups) and European measuring methods (by weight), so that you can get the perfect recipe no matter what your cooking style!

Sound like fun? Take the opportunity to try out the book before buying by using the crêpe recipe as provided by Passion 4 Baking. It is the exact same recipe as what is in the book, minus the alcohol. If that turns out well and makes you a believer in the Ladurée method, be sure to get your hands on the cookbook, one that I know you will treasure for years, especially if you are as fond of French food as I am! :)

Are you a fan of French food? If so, what's your favorite thing that you have ever had? If not, what type of food do your prefer instead?


  1. The book is upside down? Take care of it. Mistakes become collectors' items in time.

  2. I agree with you, Ladurée's are not the world's most delicious macarons - I may have mentioned it before, Swiss Sprüngli's are the best ones ;-)
    However, I do like Ladurée's macarons BAG CHARMS! Did you have a chance to see them? I got three varieties for my purses, they are really cute!

    1. I've seen them and they are adorable! I sooooo want one! But I don't carry a bag, so my husband's like "you don't need one". And I can't really argue because they are kind of expensive. :( One day, my friend. One day. :)

  3. Replies
    1. You should get the book and make them! They are sooo good and very different from any other waffle (I'm assuming) that you've ever had!


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