Hashtag Poetry # Review

Not really a true fan of poetry, I decided to give Clive Birnie's newest experiment Hashtag Poetry #, a read. I was excited about the concept of tearing apart someone else's "art" (or in this case, tweets), and making something new out of it. Potentially something more beautiful than what existed before. Take a look at the Youtube from Birnie's site to see what I mean…

The end result of tweet murder is something fun, unique, scandalous, imaginative, exciting, and surprising. As you turn the pages of Hashtag Poetry #, you never know what the next page and poem will bring. Some will make you laugh and others will make you cry. Either way, the poems are far more in depth, creative, and entertaining than I ever expected them to be.

While Clive Birnie's book was, at times, hard to follow, I'm not quite sure he could have written Hashtag Poetry # any better. He uses various shapes to cover up sections of tweet that are not included in the poetry which can make the poetry difficult to read. On other pages though, the random mark-ups of the tweets adds to the poem creating surprises and changing up how you read each piece.

If you are a fan of artsy, creative books where the author is clearly taking a chance in producing a book the public isn't guaranteed to like, and probably even more so, if you are a fan of modern art, give Clive Birnie's Hashtag Poetry # a chance. It's really a lot of fun once you get into it! :)

Check out Clive Birnie's website here.
Or buy Hashtag Poetry # here.

Are you a fan of poetry? Would you consider reading book of poems made up of hacked tweets?

* I received this book in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Interesting idea. I'm not big on poetry, but I appreciate all attempts at art.

  2. I don't get poetry, so not a fan. Except there is one that I like, by Rainer Maria Rilke, it's about a back panther in Paris.


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