Charles E. Moore and Timothy Keiderling's Bearing Witness

Tough decisions are what the men and women in Charles E. Moore and Timothy Keiderling's book Bearing Witness had to make. Shunned for their belief in Christ, they had to stand up for their beliefs even though they might die for those beliefs.

Take Justin Martyr for example. Once a believer and follower of Greek philosophers (including Plato), a discussion with a Christian man on a beach (possibly Ephesus) led Justin to a turn of events in which he became a strong Christian preaching the gospel as "true philosophy" and denying the Cesar was the true Lord. Justin's outspoken lifestyle gained him enemies of which intended to see him killed. Eventually Justin and a group of fellow Christians were captured and arrested, taken to speak with Junius Rusticus. When asked about his beliefs, Justin told the truth; he thought that "through prayer we can be saved on account of our Lord Jesus Christ, even when we have been punished" (16). Obviously this statement angered and insulted Junius Rusticus who demanded that Justin be executed. Christians went afterward to retrieve the bodies and rejoice that so many had remained faithful to their beliefs.

But of course, Bearing Witness doesn't just provide the stories of early Christians. There are stories of modern day martyrs too.

Sarah Corson was an American missionary stationed in Sapecho, Bolivia when her opportunity to serve the Lord came knocking at her door. Military had arrived to kill her and all of the people of her town, but she was ready. Kindly she welcomed the soldiers into her home, rifles and all saying that "Because of [Jesus Christ], I can tell you that even though you kill me, I will die loving you, because God loves you. To follow him, I have to love you too" (190). The soldiers heard her livelihood plea yet gathered up the women of the village anyway to be sent to a camp where they would be raped; however, after taking some time to think it over, the head officer changed his mind. He sent everyone back to their homes knowing he could be killed if anyone ever found out. He informed Sarah that he would be attending church with the village on Sunday, whether or not she came also. And come she did! All of the villagers came and greeted the head officer with hugs and kindness proving to him, once and for all, that God does exist. He decided that perhaps death and killing weren't the best ways to interact with his enemies; perhaps there was a better way. :)

Overall Review

While at some points, Bearing Witness felt a little contrived and perhaps overdone, overall the book leaves a positive impression on the Christian faith providing encouragement for those who are perhaps struggling to follow the lead of God. The stories can be read in short snippets whether from front to back or back to front. Read only about the martyrs that interest you … or just about the early Christians. You can literally pick and choose which stories you want to read as the table of contents separates and lists out each martyr in one of four groups: early Christian martyrs, radical reformers, early modern witnesses, and recent witnesses. The stories are compelling and interesting, even if not always the most accurate. (How do these editors know exactly what was said?)

If you are looking for an encouraging book to help you continue on in your faith, Bearing Witness may be the book for you. This book reminds us just how blessed many of us are to live in a world where we are uncommonly prosecuted for our beliefs.


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  1. I've felt anxious about responding to a mean email. I was actually able to respond kindly to it, after much prayer.

  2. My favorite martyr story is of Stephen in the Bible, he asked for them to be forgiven even during his suffering!

  3. I have experienceexperienced some people being mean and rude but sometimes it is always better to be simpy nice and sow lve, life is too short to complain and be bad to wards another

  4. We are in the early stages of preparing to move to Hondruas in 2017 to do full-time mission work. Even though we know it is what the Lord is calling us to do it still isn't easy and we still have those human struggles in this decision. It's all worth it though...Jesus is worth it!

  5. One of the stories our kids have loved learning is Jim Eliott's story. They got "The End of the Spear" DVD trilogy for Christmas too and it helped make all the books they had read about his life come to life.

    bamagv at aol dot com

  6. I felt extremely anxious about quitting my old job. But I made the step forward and did it anyway. Everything fell into place, including getting my happiness back...


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