Regent Petite France – Strasbourg, France

It's day ten (for me) in the A-Z blog challenge! This month I'll be sharing all about my Christmas/New Year travels in NYC and Europe – providing insight into the places I went, reviewing the hotels I stayed at, and telling my story. Today's letter is M for meek and modest Regent Petite France. Feel free to follow along as I make my way through the alphabet! :)

image from TripAdvisor

Destination: Strasbourg, France
Date: December 2015
Hotel: Regent Petite France
Brand: n/a
Elite Status: n/a
# of travelers: 2
nights: 1

Hotel: Making the Decision

A google search revealed that no hotels in the area matched my requirements (a view, Christmas decorations, a hotel where I have status) as well as I wanted them to. There were a few options: a Best Western, a Holiday Inn Express, a Hilton on the outskirts of town, and a few Accor hotels that didn't seem to be that great.

After looking through TripAdvisor's list of the top ten hotels in Strasbourg I settled on the Regent Petite France. It seemed pretty, close to the train station (walkable at least), offered free breakfast, and could potentially come with a unique view of the Rhine river.


Upon arrival, that is exactly what we found – a hotel close to the train station, near tourist attractions (an old church, the Christmas Market) and restaurants, and with a lovely view of the river.

Getting There

As was becoming the norm for us, Justin and I took a cab from the train station to the hotel. The weather was overcast and it was already dark in the unfamiliar city. We didn't want to take any risks.

You could potentially drive to the hotel. Even though we didn't see see it, the website claims there is an option for valet parking.

… And that's about it. In this small town, there weren't too many public transportation options.

Checking In, Finding the Elevator

image from TripAdvisor

Checking in was relatively simple. They saw our reservation, explained how our breakfast worked, and told us how to get to our room, which was actually surprisingly complicated.

We had a room on one of the upper floors requiring us to pass the ice generator exhibit to the elevator, which is, surprisingly, not anywhere near the lobby. In fact, you have to go through a somewhat small maze of hallways to find it. It can be slightly confusing your first time. Luckily, our room wasn't too far off from the elevator, so we were able to find that almost immediately.

Room & View

image from TripAdvisor

When we finally got to our room, we found ourselves impressed at the size; it was big enough to be a small apartment! The room could be broken up into four main areas: the bed, a work desk, a dining table, and a very large and expansive bathroom (two sinks and one toilet?).

Even better, we had access to multiple windows that we could open up and hear the water mill below us. :) If it hadn't been chilly and foggy, I would have considered leaving the window open all night just to fall asleep to the pleasant sound. :)

If we had seen pleasant weather while we were there,
this would have been our view. ;)

The Regent Petite France offered plenty of soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and a hair dryer to keep all of your personal hygiene needs at bay.


Before going out for the night to find dinner, Justin and I decided to ask the front desk for a suggestion. Was there any restaurant that they would recommend? Perhaps a place that they would choose to go, if they were searching, featuring local cuisine?

Immediately the concierge was on the phone talking to restaurants and seeing where he could get us reservations. He was extremely helpful making calls to places without asking us our opinion first until he found one, La Petite Alsace, that he thought would be perfect. He gave us a map drawing out and explaining directions. And then we were on our way to a fantastic meal and a fun night in Strasbourg!


As the night came to a close, I received an email from work. I had tried to finish the job before leaving for Europe, but complications arose and I had to finish it during our travels. Well … apparently they didn't receive the last thing I sent them. :( Justin and I had been busy all day, dealing with emotional ups and downs when I realized I wouldn't be seeing the chateau in Paris, and we were ready for bed. But I had to try to send this file before January 1st. Knowing we would be spending the next day with friends and the day after with their family, I needed to get that file sent asap. Luckily, Justin had brought his laptop (a last minute decision).

As Justin prepared for bed, I signed on to the hotel's wifi and waited. I sifted through emails figuring out what I needed to do, found the correct file, and attempted to send.

THREE times.

The file wasn't that big.

By then an hour had passed and Justin was sound asleep beside me. :( I was getting beyond aggravated. Our phone internet (we were using Google Fi) wasn't that strong, and, as it turns out, the hotel internet wasn't much better.

One last push and the email was sent.

I think.

I received a phone call on New Year's eve right before we were about to go out for the evening to which I responded by email "We are out of the country. I'll take care of it when I can". And then I did my best to let it go for the night. #stress

Key lesson: If you are coming to Strasbourg for work, don't assume you will get anything accomplished from this hotel. The internet sucks. :(


This is only a small selection of all that was available…

The next morning Justin and I had to get up early to catch a train that would arrive in Stuttgart at 11AM. Not being a morning person, Justin had to practically drag me out of bed and down to the restaurant where a delicious breakfast of American, German, and French offerings were available. As for me? I was a fan of the sweet Christmas themed Brioche. Up until this stay, at this hotel, I had never had French style Brioche. It was heaven. :) Fresh juices and milk also made up a portion of the breakfast bar as well as meats, cheeses, a variety of breads (including a French baguette you could slice, bagels, bread for toasting, and homemade croissants), desserts (cheesecake for breakfast?), and the traditional American eggs, bacon, and coffee.

Check Out

image from TripAdvisor

Check out was a breeze despite the large crowd that was forming in the lobby soon after eight. A variety of French and German tourists were about to do a bus tour, so they were congregating, taking up any available space that there was to stand. Luckily, there wasn't actually a line for checkout, so my husband was able to walk up to the front desk, hand over his key, and be done!

I think the hardest part was waiting on the taxi cab to come afterward. We briefly considered walking to the train station until we saw that it was raining. :( So we decided to cab it. The hotel concierge called for one while we stood outside trying to stay under the roof overhang so that we wouldn't get wet. We waited and waited and waited… I checked the time beginning to get nervous. Would the cab driver make it in time? Would we catch our train? Meeting up with super punctual Germans means that time is a major concern. The last thing I wanted to do was text and say we'd be late. 1) Because that would require us to buy a new train ticket and 2) because … no, I did not want to do that. How humiliating! Plus, it would screw everything up! I fidgeted. Justin went to confirm that a cab driver had indeed been called. At this point there was no way we would be able to make the walk to the train station in time; a cab was our only choice. The hotel concierge came outside to wait with us…

And then!

And then!

The cab driver appeared!


I was still worried, but he drove quickly through the city streets getting us to the train station only moments before our train would be departing.

Justin raced up the first set of stairs frantically searching for our train. I tried to follow behind only making it about halfway up with the 50 pounds of luggage I was carrying before Justin turned back around and flew past me. Turns out those were the wrong stairs. :(

When he finally found the correct stairs, I waited at the bottom for him to confirm … then looked at him like he was crazy when he expected me to fly up the stairs after him. ;) He raced back down the steps, the luggage he had been holding in the upright position quickly falling to the ground, grabbed my bag, and flew back up the steps to the train platform with me following behind.

We had made it. :)

Finally(!), both us and our luggage were up the stairs and on the train. We wouldn't be late meeting our friends after all. I guess I don't have to tell you how relieved we were. That experience is not something I ever want to relive again!

image from TripAdvisor

Overall Review
★★★ (average)

The Regent Petite France was a lovely hotel with lots of space in our room, a decent view, friendly and understanding staff (I thought they were pronouncing the H in my last name as an A and went to correct them! But really that's just how they said H. Ooops.), and a delicious breakfast. While I'm not sure if there are better hotels in the Strasbourg area, I certainly enjoyed my stay at this one. It was nice being so close to stores and restaurants (and even the train station!) since Justin and I were so very limited in time. I also really enjoyed my mediocre room view. (If you look on TripAdvisor, the hotel does offer better views than the one Justin and I received.)

If I were to return to Strasbourg, I would probably consider staying here again … especially for the breakfast. Aside from Angelina's, this hotel offered the best breakfast I had during the whole trip. Plus it was so much fun getting the opportunity to try new foods without worry or concern as to whether or not this picky eater would like them. :)

The only thing differently that I would do, and this isn't the hotel's fault in the least, is that I would aim to leave for the train station an hour beforehand instead of 30 minutes (or just walk). Waiting on that cab to come was a nightmare!

Your Turn:

What do you think of locally owned hotels? Have you had good experiences with them in the past?



  1. The location looks serene and the rooms are subtle. The bar looks elegant and it is indeed a good review!


  2. Didn't your work know you were out of the country? If you tried to get everything done before your trip, that should have been good enough. Ah well. Sounds like a lovely place, if a bit nerve rattling.

    1. I do consulting, so it was an issue with an individual client. I didn't go out of my way to inform them since it was during the holidays and I didn't think any issues would come up. Frustrating, but it all worked out. :)

  3. Eeek last minute train rushes are the absolute worst! Especially with luggage! I'm glad you made it.

    I stayed in a family run hotel in Strasbourg with my parents when I was a teenager. It was not an experience I'd wish to repeat. This was back before the smoking ban and the whole place reeked of smoke :( Also I was a moody teenager so you know, that didn't help either...

    1. With all of the traveling you've done I'm sure you know what I'm talking about! :)

      I guess you don't remember which hotel in Strasbourg you and your family stayed at? Was it just the hotel stay experience you wouldn't want to repeat or did you dislike Strasbourg as a whole?

      I'm glad we didn't run into too much smoking while we were there. I definitely think that would alter my experience for the worst. :(

  4. There are so many places that offer "free WiFi" and even some that charge for it, where the connection is totally inadequate. Some make use of services that require you to provide a lot of information before granting what passes for access - information that they clearly state will be used for marketing purposes and that, even if you use a VPN, is insecure. And, of course, if you choose not to give them all the information they want, you get nothing.

    Keith Channing A-Zing from

  5. So this was a bit of a hassle! :-(
    First the Internet, then the cab. So glad you still made it on both counts! It does stress you out, though, doesn't it, when all you should do is enjoy your trip!


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