When traveling…

Germany (January 2015)

I am a sucker for…

1. Sunsets!

No matter where I am or what I'm doing if there is a gorgeous sunset nearby, I am on it!

And while yes, it is nice to seek out the sunset sometimes, it's not actually necessary.

The first time Justin and I were in New York City together, I asked his aunt and uncle where the best place to see the sunset was … and could we go there for me to get a picture? The "adults" in the group (his aunt/uncle/parents) decided they didn't want to be out and about that late – meaning no sunset image for me. Then, lo and behold, while they were shopping at the historic Macy's in downtown NYC, the sun started setting. Justin and I took turns running into the middle of the street taking photos of the sunset and telling the other one (who wasn't in the middle of the street) when the light had changed and there was a chance we might get run over. End result: I found myself with a gorgeous sunset view in NYC even though no one actually wanted to stick around to let me get it. :)

2. Good food.

• I'm picky: No Chinese, nothing spicey, nothing that swims in the ocean…
• I will eat fast food, so long as the goal is to save money. (A $2 lunch always wins out over a $10 one!)
• I don't shop for natural/organic labels/alternatives.

So what does "good food" mean?

It means:
• Vegetables and fruits grown in someone's garden. Sometimes this means stealing them from my grandparents garden in the summer … and sometimes this means buying produce at a produce stand on the side of the road. Either way, everything tastes better than what you can buy at the grocery store!
• Fresh-baked bread with no preservatives. Specifically baguettes and brioche in France. Oh my!
• Freshly squeezed juices – orange juice and limeade are two of my faves!
• Good butter. They sell French butter at a specialized grocer nearby and Vermont butter at the local farmer's market. Just … no margarin! Trust me! There is a difference.

I guess anything that makes you roll your eyes back and sigh. Truly good food makes it hard to settle for anything else.

Paris, France (January 2015)

3. Hotel rooms with a view.

I search them out. Know anyone else who spends hours deciding on a hotel?

When we were in Paris, we stayed at The Brighton Hotel. Our room faced the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. We checked in at around 3PM. Knowing that sunset would be within the hour (approx. 4PM), we decided to forego a trip to a palace so that we could enjoy our view and the sunset. In other words, we were trying to get our money's worth out of the hotel stay. :) The sunset was absolutely gorgeous and worth every minute we lost in exploration. Besides, I may have squealed in excitement when I saw what the view from our room was. Sometimes my research for the best hotel rooms with views pays off … and sometimes it doesn't. Nevertheless, it always keeps me on my toes and excited to try again! :)

4. The Ocean.

When summer comes, I have to go to the ocean. And when I go to the ocean, the first thing I have to do is get my feet wet. It is calming and lovely … and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore?! <3. There is absolutely no better place in the world!

Thickest sand – Panama City Beach, FL
Prettiest beach – Edisto Island, SC
Best beach town – Charleston, SC
Prettiest water – Cinque Terre, Italy (but ow! Those rocks!)

NYC, NY (August 2015)

5. The City.

I get caught up in people-watching and the fast pace of city-life. I could never live there, but I think it's fun to visit. :) I especially have a thing for gardens in the midst of the city; there is something so lovely and charming to have beautiful flowers and calming trees set against the backdrop of buildings and noise. In Paris, Justin and I saw artwork all along the wall of a garden in Paris that I remember thinking was neat. Then there is delicious food at cheap costs and random stores you would never see in the suburbs. (Swedish backpacks? A store that specializes in umbrellas?) Oh! And the antiques! And artwork! *sigh* :)

What are you a sucker for when traveling? Do you seek out any of the same things as me?


  1. I am with you on the food, I will choose a $2 over $10 meal most of the time!
    Thanks for linking up with #TravelTuesday

  2. Great to have you on the link-up! Sunsets are my favorite, too! :)


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