Ways To Catch Up With Friends

1. Over food.

2. With games.

3. By editing their wedding pictures almost 2 years after the wedding…

Oh wait? – That's not what you were expecting?

Me neither. But that's what I'm doing.

Long story (not so) short – I went to a wedding in May 2014. I came home, saved (all of) the images to my second backup drive, then promptly deleted them (by which I mean – just the wedding pictures). I was more interested in editing landscapes. Plus editing skin tone is a pain in the rear. (Do any photo editors read my blog? Could you provide a little insight please?!?!) So, around August 2014, my laptop starts giving me trouble. I restart to a death screen. Could it be brought back to life? I eat a hushed dinner with my loving husband contemplating what files I have on my laptop – could I part with them? … pictures, documents, and web pages that I never seem to get around to reading (or closing) that are open in my Chrome browser? I decide the answer is yes. I want my computer back and I want it back now.

Justin starts the rehabilitation process … reinstalling the operating system from scratch. I use Time Capsule (Oh Time Capsule!) to access my image files from May 2014. Everything is cool, I think, except I'm missing the wedding pictures. :( Oh well. I had no interest in editing them anyway. Besides, they are probably backed up on my second backup drive, right?

Because I'm lazy (sometimes) and there are about 15 million folders titled "Europe Trip 2014", I kept putting off looking. After all, I get bored halfway through looking and then resort to doing something else … like not looking. ;) Facebook ftw?

Anyway, nearly three months post Europe Trip #2 (2016), I decided to go searching again. I'd basically given up on finding the files on backup drive #2, and decided to look more closely at Time Capsule. Even if the files weren't in any of my May 2014 backups, could they be in June, July, or August?

So this weekend, I pulled up Time Capsule with a specific file number in mind – I clicked, then waited, waited, waited… Another click, wait, wait, wait… Justin was outside changing my car's oil. Click, wait, wait, wait. And then … And then … there it was! All 5 million photos! Nearly two years too late.

Except, so far, I'm only interested in editing the non-people shots. Oh well. That's something, I guess. I haven't even finished editing my own wedding photos from almost 4 years ago!

I have a busy week ahead of me.

Oh – and the catching up with friends? Maybe it'll just be a mental thing?! "Hey I see you in that image right there! How ya' doin'?" I can talk to walls. Or pictures. It's cool. :)

What are some of your favorite ways to catch up with friends? Do you prefer to party it up with beer … and parties? Or nights in with perhaps dinner and a movie? Or … reminiscing over times past with photos because you are too lazy, tired, and broke to actually go out with friends? (Or maybe they are too far away?) 

* Prompt from #30Lists!

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