That Sinking Feeling… #MoneyMonday

Sometimes it feels like money just flies away

I'm soo tired.

By that, I mean I'm tired physically, but also mentally. I'm tired of spending money to save money (or in some cases, make money). I'm tired of staying on top of our finances to pay down debt. I'm tired, I'm tired, I'm tired. Paying down debt is not invigorating; it's stressful.

Anyone else know the feeling?

The problem I've been forced to face and deal with this month is the following:

As humans we are given only a finite amount of time on earth. If you want to do something, you only have a limited time in which to do it. Making matters more complicated – there are only so many years in one's life in which they have the freedom and energy in which to be adventurous. Aside from God himself, who knows how long my husband and I have to travel and experience life?

So, with that being said, Justin and I went on dates this month. We went out to eat, explored Atlanta, sat through a book talk, and started thinking about traveling to NYC for a summer vacation. And with that: we spent money. More money than we should have, but less than we could have.

Can I just say that I hate being young-ish and in debt?

It makes every choice that much more complicated. Do I want to x or put that money toward debt? And if I choose debt, am I giving up a time-saver? So then my decisions are – save time by purchasing a thing or pay off debt and lose time … that we are already short on.

Am I giving up experiences? Do I get one less chance to see and do something because I have to put that money toward a thing that I already saw and did? … that thing that was suppose to pay out in a big way and get me a job making millions of dollars a year?

Then when you have friends and family involved, paying down debt becomes even more complicated. You can't (or shouldn't) pass on weddings and events just to pay down debt more quickly. I mean: what does that tell them? That you're ability to pay down debt is more important than your relationship with them? Umm… no. Relationships are always more important. Always, always, always. I would rather owe a million dollars than be alone in this world. Relationships are priority.

So how do you balance life experiences, relationships, and debt-paydown?

Honestly, I don't know.

Here are the graphs from this month's attempt:

green = this year; yellow = last

• Spent more this month than March 2015 and more than we spent in February 2016. There may be a few store returns that we make which might get us back on track, but we'll see…

green = this year; yellow = last

• YAY! We made more money this month than we did last year! Woot!

Net Income Graph
green = positive; red = negative

• Particularly glad to see more green in this graph. We were struggling the last time I checked

And Numbers?
• November 2016 payoff date for credit cards
• July 2021 payoff date for student loans
• Investments down 5.54% :(

So, what are your thoughts on debt payoff? If you owe on student loans, do you get as frustrated as myself and my husband when deciding how to spend money during the month? If you are debt free, do you have any good advice for me?

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