Remembering March & Planning For April

Like an idiot, I kept waiting and waiting for the #30List prompt to appear this morning not even realizing that today is day 31! :) So I'm taking a break before jumping into 26 (or less) days of A-Z travel (or recounting my January/December trip to Europe in extreme detail) starting tomorrow.

Included in this post: how I've done at accomplishing my goals from this month, the goals I've set for next month, and a list of the blog topics I intend on sharing in April.

Goals From Last Month Completed –
✓ Did something cultural: attended a book launch, caving, and visited a local museum
✓ Created a blog plan for April.
✓ Read 3 books!
✓ Participated in at least 2 blog link-ups this month.
✓ Booked hotels in Savannah for May
✓ 1 more link at top of blog working

Additional Successes –
Began research for a potential July NYC vacation.
✓ #Boston2016 became #Charleston2016 when I found out about #Savannah2016
✓ Go-Pro fun! :)

Future Goals For April –
• Stay caught up. (This is going to be a crazy month for blogging!)
• Do something cultural. (We have another book launch event that will probably fill this void.)
• Read 1 book.
• Continue researching July travel.

And what you've all been waiting for… a sneak peek of what's to come!

April A-Z:
A - Anxiety, stress, and planning a trip overseas during the holidays
B - (skipping)

C - Crud! Delta delayed my flight! + Review of the beautiful Waldorf Astoria!
D - Don't miss out on… Christmas in NYC!
E - Escaping the ordinary at The Standard Highline Hotel
F - Festive Christmas lights in Brooklyn
G - (skipping)
H - (skipping)
I - Seeing the Eiffel Tower and being inspired by the Intercontinental Le Grand in Paris.

J - Joyeux Noël! in Paris
K - "Knocked down" by the stunning view from our hotel room at The Brighton
L - Laid-back, likable Strasbourg
M - Meek, modest Regent Petite France
N - Spending new year's eve and day in Germany!
O - One more post featuring Germany! 

P - Pretty, peaceful, snow-covered Prague
Q - Quiet Hotel Angelo
R - Rebellious Dresden
S - Serene Hotel Bellevue
T - My timid trek through a snow (and ice) covered park in Germany

U - Uncertainty on the train as we headed back to Paris
V - Westin Vendôme review
W - Feeling wronged and weary in NYC as we dealt with tourist "traps"
X/Y - youthful, exuberant Hyatt Jersey City Hotel review
Z - feeling "zonked" on our return flight home

So … thoughts? Anyone else excited about April A-Z? Have you accomplished all of your March goals?

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