Only the Necessities…

Not much is going in this baby!

Is anyone else glad today is Friday?

This week has been difficult to take. Everything from job stresses to family healthcare worries occurred, and, from the looks of it, this weekend won't offer much time to process any of it. Of course, the lack of free time doesn't make me any less happy that it is Friday. The sun is shining and today looks like it will be a beautiful day!

Today, once I leave, I will be out all day. I'm babysitting until midnight tonight. Granted it is for a 12 year old who won't need much attention, but I still have to plan to be gone. Because I know you all are crazy curious (and it's the #30lists prompt for the day), I thought I would answer your raging question: what does one take with them when they work an hour away from home and plan to be gone for 12 hours in one day?

1. My Phone –

I have an Iphone 6s, and it doesn't leave my side. (Well, sometimes it does. Particularly when I'm wearing something that doesn't have pockets…) I use it to check email, read Kindle books, Google, participate in social media, and communicate with the outside world. It is the world at my fingertips. (And a lifesaver when the kids get permanent marker on the wood floor and you have to figure out how to get it up before the parents get home!)

2. My iPad –

I like using this for catching up on my blog reading. It's also nice to have a bigger option for Kindle book reading.

Which card should I take? – Oh wait?! You mean I can't pay with these?

3. My ID, a Credit Card, and Debit Card –

I'm really simple when it comes to walleting up. I don't carry any cards "just in case" and I don't carry a purse for that same reason. (Who needs lotion, tissues, medicine, etc, etc… weighing them down every single day? Isn't that the perfect equation for future back pain?) I definitely keep myself limited to the basics – my Chase Sapphire Rewards Credit Card and, though I'm currently carrying around a debit card for a local bank, my preference would be to always have my Schwab debit card on hand.

Chase Sapphire offers 1% back on most purchases with an additional percent added for travel and food purchases. (You should see what 15000 Chase points can get you! A room with a view in NYC? Yes, please!)

And Schwab? They pay for all ATM fees, provide interest for your checking account, and don't charge an exchange fee when used internationally! (Sapphire doesn't charge one either.) Plus, their customer service, so far, has been phenomenal! I just love when a bank contacts you and says "Hey! We spotted an overdraft. Did you make a mistake in paying your bills? Do you have enough money to cover this so that we don't have to charge you a fee?"

Definitely check these banks out.

4. My coat and scarf –

The weather here has been pretty unpredictable lately. We saw sleet and ice yesterday with a sunny high in the 60ºs the day before. I keep a jacket in my car, always, just in case.

5. And you know how I said I don't carry a purse? I do keep Advil in my car –

Just in case. You never know when a headache will strike … Or you'll accidentally slam the door on your fingers. :(

Delicious, delicious water … fall. ;)

6. Water –

If you've been following my blog for any length of time, you are probably very aware that I don't drink enough water. I've tried everything from using awesome water bottles to always having sparkling water available. My husband one-ups me by making sure the house is always well-stocked with LaCroix. Sometimes the mere desire to have soda is quenched with just the sound of opening a can drink.

Then there is the issue of my not allowing drinks or food of any kind in my car. No organic Capri Suns (what the heck does that even mean?!?), no soda, no coffee. No sticky donuts, crumbly crackers, or smelly pizza. No, no, no, no, no. Unless it's groceries. Then, what choice do I have?

I do make sure to always take water with me anywhere I go though. What mess can spilled water make? (Aside from one that will dry quickly after sitting out in the sun?) Plus, I find it's a good idea to encourage me to drink more. I am quite happy if I end the day with an empty can or bottle in my car. I just have to remember to trash it when I exit the car. (Clean car ftw?)

7. Sahale Bars

Sometimes I take snacks like this on the go, and sometimes I don't. (Obviously, I don't eat them in the car!) I recently got to try the salted caramel apple pecan bar. I loved that it was packed full of protein and not too sweet. It's great for when you are too busy for breakfast or lunch and you just need a bit of energy. Plus … all of the delicious nuts! Yum!

So what do you take with you on busy days? Do you take snacks and drinks? Books for when you get bored? A coat to cozy up in when cold weather strikes? Do you have to limit what you take due to the mode of transportation you use? Share! I'd love to hear! :)

* I'm blogging my way through the #30Lists in March. You should too. :)

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  1. I'm a serial overpacker in the handbag department and it needs to stop asap. I already have a bad back! However one thing I never take which I really should is water. Ok so it's never hot in the UK but it's still easy to get dehydrated. That one I need to work on!


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