Movie Monday!: Spring 2016 Edition

About a month ago, Justin and I had the opportunity to house sit near where I work. Instead of a commute time of an hour or more (!), my commute time became two (!!!!) minutes! (Yes, you read that correctly. I could literally walk to work.) Anyway, while we were staying there, we decided to take advantage of some of our favorite things to do in the area – mainly watching $6 movies within 10 minutes of the house. (See a movie on a work night? You can do it when you live so close and the movies cost so little!)

Anyway, here are a few of the movies we saw and my review of them:


Sometimes it's hard to determine what will be a good movie and what won't. I distinctly remember sitting in the theatre watching the trailer for this movie and thinking to myself: "I am never going to see this movie. Ever." Spiderman-guy with white eyes? creepy. But it's Marvel. And rated R. (Don't take your kids.) And did we mention Blake Lively's husband Ryan Reynolds is in it?

Anyway, Deadpool is the story of a guy who falls in love, proposes, then discovers he has cancer. Rather than go through chemo treatments and radiation, he decides to take up an offer to become a "super hero", leaving his super model girlfriend in the middle of the night praying he will one day be able to return to her in full health. The thing Deadpool doesn't realize is that this "becoming a superhero" business isn't all it's cracked up to be. After the loss of his beautiful facial features (he is Ryan Reynolds!), Deadpool decides that enough is enough and blows up the joint attempting to kill the "doctor" who ruined him. But the "doctor" survives coming after Deadpool and his wife-to-be. This is a superhero movie, so I won't give away who wins, but, let me tell you, this is a fun, sitting on-the-edge-of-your-seat kind of movie.

Go see it.

Without the kids. 

You deserve it.


After you get back from Deadpool, go watch it again. ;) But then you can take your rug rats to see Zootopia, which you've no doubt heard tons about every time your kids have turned on the tv. (Does Disney channel repeat the same commercials over and over a zillion times a day?)

Zootopia is the heartwarming story of the little rabbit who could. Judy Hopps grew up in a small town called Hoppville just outside of Zootopia. She knew from a young age that she wanted to be a cop, but her parents discouraged it "No rabbit has ever been a cop, Judy! Don't you want to be something else?" Nevertheless, Judy followed her dreams becoming the first rabbit to ever complete cop school … only to find herself in Zootopia as a Meter Maid, not exactly her dream job. When Judy gets wind of a kidnapping ring, she decides to solve the case herself. Her boss gives her 48 hours; the end result is a wild "goose chase" full of comedy, tears, and lessons learned. Will Judy become the cop she has always wanted to be? Will she make a difference in the world?

The story is heartwarming and gives children a positive message.

Hail Caesar

I loved the Coen Brothers movie O' Brother, Where Art Thou?, so I was excited to see Hail Caesar. Would it be as uniquely styled? As funny? No matter – a movie with Scarlett Johansen and George Clooney is a must-see!

Eddie Mannix has an offer to change away from his movie studio job in California at Capital Pictures during the 1950s, and the offer couldn't have come at a better time. All of the actors and actresses under his authority seem to be finding trouble and he has to discover a way to head off the media. The company's most famous actor has been captured by communists, a singing cowboy gets placed in the acting role of a snooty ballroom dancer with money, and one of his beautiful, dancing swimmers finds herself pregnant and unwed. Can he solve all of their problems? Should he move on to a better-paying job?

Hail Caesar wasn't what I imagined it would be, but it was still good. Perhaps 3 out of 5 stars? There was comedy (Hello Clooney!) and surprises that kept me entertained throughout. Even the design of the picture was lovely. Who knows how hard it is to recreate Hollywood 1950? … But would I watch it again? … No, probably not. The story seemed to mis-mashed for me. It was hard to follow and not really believable. (How many people would be kidnapped and just accept it without trying to break free?) If you like the Cohen Brothers though, you might like this. Just give it a shot – that's the only way to know. :)

Have you had the chance to see any awesome movies recently? Have you see any of the ones I mentioned in this post? If you have, what did you think? If not, will you be seeing them any time in the near future?

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