March Mid-Month Update

Disney World Magic Kingdom – November 2015

Remembering: nothing and everything. Europe, Disney World, last year at this time, Fuller House?!?!

My problem is usually that I remember and think too much. I'd rather not.

Planning: Another trip to Europe. What can I say? I'm obsessed! I haven't booked tickets or anything, but I'm on the watch for a good/great price. And I'm not too picky about where I'm going either. I just want to start getting places checked off of my bucket list.

Anxiously Awaiting: my future. I feel like it's very uncertain/unstable and that scares me.

Interested to Know: why I can't figure out a good color workflow. Images look great in photoshop and then I go to print and BLEH. Is there something wrong with my eyes? My laptop? The lighting in the room where I edit? There are so many variables. I don't understand how so many people consistently get everything right without knowing the first thing about photography or photo editing. Of course, clearly I know less after 10 years of experimenting than I ever thought I did. I just find it so aggravating! Why can't I get it right?

Listening to: 80s pop, 90s country, and NPR. 

Oh – and Charlie Puth. Specifically "One Call Away":

I'm not sure I'm a fan yet, but he has a good voice (and plays the piano!). I'd like to see what he does next. The kids I watch are obsessed with this song. I think they like the Superman part. :)

Keeping A Secret: I have a box in my car trunk that needs to be shipped (and has needed to since January). I keep putting it off. #Life #Adulting

DIY'ing: I'm not really DIY'ing anything, but I think maybe I should be translating those German books we got in January for my nephew. I close my computer every day at 8PM and try to do things offline (which typically includes reading). Maybe I should be translating instead? Then again, I'm reading a pretty awesome book…

Reading: an advanced copy of Germany For Beginners written by some of my favorite expat bloggers. As it turns out I'm not just obsessed with going to Germany (and Europe), I'm also obsessed with trying to understand the culture.

I'm also reading a few other books including Anna Karenina. I have a hard time focusing on one book when I receive another awesome book for free!

What are you up to this month? Anything fun or worth sharing about?

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