March 2016 IWSG

At the beginning of every month, as part of the Insecure Writer's Support Group, I take a look at my successes (not just in writing), share the ways I hope to improve in the next month, and provide inspiration (if I have any).

February Successes –
✓ Went to the Chattanooga Art Museum. (That counts as cultural, right?)
✓ Tried a new method of photo editing. Loved it!
Finished 2 books. (Reviewed 3 for NetGalley, but 1 wasn't a complete book.)
✓ Changed up the blog design. (Is 5 years too long to stick with one design?)
✓ Completed #LoveBlog.

I didn't get around to making a blog plan or downloading a kindle book written in German. :(

But I did:
✓ Make it through my first Jury duty. (Barely, but that's another story…)
✓ Got over 2 illnesses. (Because one is never enough…)
✓ House-sit, cat-sit, and dog-sit. Yay extra $$!
✓ Spend less than half of our take-home pay (even with lots of eating out)!

I didn't write anything I'm especially proud of. (I guess that sometimes just writing is goal enough?) I did edit a pretty-good image, but I'm not allowed to show you. :-/ (My husband's rules, not mine.)

March Goals –
* Attend a book launch! (I already have one in mind.)
• Create a blog plan for both the current month and A-Z April! (It's coming up fast!)
• Finish reading 2 books.
* Participate in at least 1 blog link-up this month.
* Book a hotel in Savannah for May.
* Finish plans for #Boston2016. Or maybe it's #FamilyReunion2016? *shrugs*
* Get more of the links at the top of my blog working. (Sorry y'all!)

I don't have any specific writing or photo-editing goals, because (given the list above!) it looks like I'm going to be strapped for time this month! I don't want my goals to move into the realm of unaccomplishable… :( Of course, I also believe that creativity is difficult without any actual day-to-day living.

IWSG'ers (and anyone else who wants to chime in!), how was your February? Did you accomplish all of your goals? And, even more so, can you help me answer the age-old question of when life stories are too personal to be shared about through writing?


  1. Lots achieved, and love the way you plan ahead, so sensible.

  2. You are very organized and that is obviously paying off. Good luck on all your March goals!

  3. It sounds like you accomplished quite a lot, especially since you were sick twice. My main March goal is to finish my final edits. Here's to reaching both our goals!

  4. Way to stay on top of things! I'm attempting to plan out my A-Z challenge posts, but it's HARD! It's my first one. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    1. Good luck on A-Z! I know you'll love it! :)

  5. You are crazy organized. I'm not, which is probably why I was nowhere near as productive in February. Well, that and a super-flu that knocked out the whole family. :-(

  6. Way to stay on top of things. Wish you much success with next month's set of goals. Writing wise, I haven't very productive, but I'm hoping to be more productive once my blog tour almost reaches its end.

  7. New follower here! :) Wow, congrats on accomplishing so much!

  8. Plan now for the Challenge - it will be here soon!
    I've used the same blog pattern for over six years now...


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