In 10 Days Or Your Money Back!

Today's prompt for 30 Days of Lists is: Important Qualities In A Friend.

My answer: Disney World.

I know. It makes no sense.

Or does it?

As we all do, whether in answering questions from friends, colleagues, or teachers, we have to answer based on our own personal experience. How do we want to answer the question? What exactly is it that we want to communicate to our audience?

My answer is based partially on "wordless Wednesday" and the pictures I have available for editing as well as a run-off from yesterday's blog post.

First of all, I wouldn't have this picture except for my attendance at the wedding of a friend in November. Justin and I spent our time in Orlando (before and after the wedding) visiting my favorite theme park in the world. (I haven't visited very many, so I'm not sure that counts for much?)

Then … there are so many aspects of this found in the Disney theme parks, but have you ever seen the attraction "It's A Small World"? The gist is that we are all different/unique but still one world: an important message after the Brussel's attacks yesterday. (Anyone else sick of the "Be afraid! Be very afraid!" message the media is touting? How about we just come together in support of the people in Belgium?) Anyway, that "same but different" message can also be found in Cinderella's castle. In fact, all throughout the park you see a conglomeration of cultures through architectural design and amongst the rides and food that make everything and everyone seem as though they are one.

Of course there is also beauty in celebrating differences as being different … and not one. But whatever. That's not what I'm trying to emphasize here. ;)

So what am I saying? What does the Disney castle or theme park have to do with "friendship qualities" anyway?

Well, in my humble opinion, the idea comes down to this: Differences are beautiful. :)

A good friend will love you and be there for you no matter what, even if you are different (and maybe occasionally make the wrong decision even where they are concerned). They will love you where you are at. Because only in doing so, in loving you just as you are (Thanks Billy Joel!), it provides you (the friendee?) the opportunity and freedom to grow and change … and become an even better, stronger, more courageous, confident individual (and perhaps a better friend to them in the process!).

Got it?

Be the friend you wish you had, accepting of all, and discover how you can become a better person in the process.

Can I sell that? Maybe if I add the phrase "in 10 days or your money back!"? ;)

Does all of this make sense?

Man! I hope so. The mind is a confusing place, and trying to write it out can get complicated!

Hope everyone is having a good week so far. We've made it halfway through! :)

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