2016 New Year Goals

A new slate for 2016!

Last year was complicated. There were some resolutions that I stuck to and some that fell by the wayside. The following are my goals for 2016; they look very similar to 2015's… Will I complete them successfully? Only time will tell…

1. Family and Friends. In 2015, I made the mistake of believing that since I had spent plenty of time with friends and family in 2014, it would be an easy resolution to keep even without making it. Not so. More people fell out of my life in 2015 than I anticipated leaving me feeling guilty about how I was using my time. I want my friends and family to know how much I appreciate and love them. They won't always be around and I want to cherish the time I have with them … including making a point of visiting with those who live out of state.

2. Travel. In 2015, we went to North Carolina (Asheville), Tennessee (Nashville), Alabama (Scottsboro), Florida (Orlando), New York (NYC), New Jersey (Bloomfield, Newark), and Massachusetts (Boston, Saugus). So far, this year, we already have plans to go to NC, MA, NY, NJ, AL, France (Paris), Germany (Stuttgart, Dresden), and Czech Republic (Prague). It's not that I necessarily want to travel more this year than last, but I do want to continue exploring and learning about the world through travel. Plus visiting with family and friends as well as learning how to work with and best utilize points is definitely on my bucket-list.

3. Practice German. I've tried games and they only keep me interested for so long. I think this year I might try to read through a book or two in German.  It could be something simple like a children's book or a cookbook … or it could be more complex. It might also be a worthy goal to watch a movie "auf Deutsch". Youtube maybe?

4. Pictures. Take more, always.

5. Read. The same or more. Two books a month is difficult to do, but I just got a kindle. There's no reason to slow down now. If I can read more, that'd be awesome too. I'd love to surpass the 10,000 page goal from 2015.

6. Blogging – Keep planning. Write simply. Use more vocabulary. Maybe redesign? I never redesign, because I'm always too busy with other goals. Maybe this year I'll get around to it though. Focus on connecting with my lovely readers. :)

7. Health. Move more, eat healthier. Drink more water. Having a fitness trainer for brother, you'd think a lot of that would come easier for me, but it doesn't… :-/

What are your goals for 2016? Is there anything on my list that is also on your list?

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