Wednesday Coffee Date

May 2014

If we were to sit down and have coffee…

I think I would spit it out. :( I don't like coffee.

Anyway, I would tell you that I haven't been feeling good. Mostly it's just a sore throat from sinus drainage, but it's still super annoying. I get sick maybe once a year, and I dislike every bit of it. Luckily I have my Advil Sinus & Congestion meds, so that helps a ton! ;) (Enter my giveaway! You're welcome.)

Just as you were starting to wonder why you met up with me in the first place, we'd begin talking about the events from 11/13 and the loss of life that occurred in Paris. I'd explain that I haven't spent a ton of time thinking about Paris … or where was it? Beirut? You'd be confused and possibly offended until I explained that Justin and I are traveling to Paris after Christmas, and I didn't want to stress myself out over whether or not we would die. Because, effectively, that's all mass media does for me. Stress me out. I love Paris –from the people to the architecture– and I hate to see them hurting as they are, but I also know they are part of a strong country that will fight back. The more depressing thought for me is that there are people in the world who plan their own deaths and the deaths of others by wearing suicide bombs. It makes me sick.

After I got my anger, frustration, and sadness out, I would follow up by telling you how I'm planning logistics for my upcoming trip to Europe in like a month(!!). My friend e-mailed me about walking 10 miles uphill both ways (my exaggeration, not his) in the snow in Germany on New Year's Day, and I have absolutely no shoes that will allow for that … or any walking in the cold, wet, snowy, dreary(?) habitation that will be Europe at that time of year. I haven't been very lucky in my search so far for shoes that will work though. Doesn't anyone make cute shoes that can withstand the weather? Justin says I'll have to pick ugly shoes with good tread that I will pay hundreds of dollars for and never wear again; I think he's crazy and I will never resort to something as low and stupid as that. If I have to, I'll drive the 10 miles. Argh.

I did order a beautiful coat and some sweaters that will hopefully aid in making the cold weather more bearable, but I still have to book at least one more hotel room and find Justin some weather-appropriate clothing. It'd help if he actually looked though… ;)

Before our coffee date ended, I'd ask if we could meet up at Café Intermezzo next time, so that I could order a non-coffee drink or get a dessert instead. ;) Then I'd ask how life is treating you; if you have any fun plans for the upcoming holiday season? Whether or not you had started Christmas shopping and how the weather is where you are? 

I'm not sure how long we'd talk, but I'm sure it would be well past (or right up to) the time when one of us would look down at our phone and say "I need to go! I've been here too long!". We would have to schedule another coffee date soon, because I wouldn't want to wait a whole month before chatting with you again! :)

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