Symaxio LLC Wireless Bluetooth Headset Review

Over the past month, my husband (at my request) gave up his LG HBS-750 wireless bluetooth headphones to try this pair by Symaxio LLC. While he definitely has some gripes and complaints about both sets of headphones, he feels that overall he prefers the LG brand. However, this set is great for someone who prefers a cheap bluetooth headset for music and phone purposes.

Let's talk about it. :)

Straight out of the box, the headphones come with 3 sizes of earbuds. The product is easy to set up and charge. Nicely, the headset fits comfortably around your neck and the earbud cords are long enough to allow for a full range of movement. Compared to the LG HBS-750, my husband feels that the LG ear pieces are slightly more comfortable and less plasticy feeling in his ears. The Symaxio, on the other hand, is lighter than the LG and pairs more quickly with devices. When you turn on the headphones, they immediately go into pairing mode with continuous light blinking on the side of them until they spot something to connect to. The blinking makes the battery go dead faster and my husband feels it is less secure than if the device automatically connected to "known" products nearby. However, because it does try to connect to any device with bluetooth, it is easy to set up a new connection.

Now let's talk about sound: The volume range is good, from quiet to loud, but there isn't a button on the Symaxio to allow you to adjust it on the device; you have to adjust the sound volume on the whatever is playing the sound, which can be a bit annoying. The Symaxio offers great mid-range tones with less emphasis on high end or bass sounds. In other words, it's a great little bluetooth setup for someone interested in receiving phone calls or listening to music, but it may not be ideal for an audio fanatic.

While for the most part the product did it's job and worked as well as expected given the price, in the future my husband would like to see them increase their battery life, fix a pairing issue that drops connections randomly and for no reason, and take a look at the audio delay that occurs when watching a movie or youtube video. At most, my husband was able to get 7 hours out of the device before needing to charge. For someone who is constantly listening to music and podcasts throughout his workday, this simply wasn't long enough especially when compared to the LG. And to have to reconnect to devices constantly? That can be frustrating. How are you suppose to get any real work done?

While the Symaxio was overall a decent little bluetooth headset, it simply wasn't the best thing for my husband and his needs. Maybe next time Symaxio. Maybe next time. :)

Click here to purchase a pair of Symaxio headphones or here to try the LG headphones.

Have you tried wireless bluetooth headphones in the past? What do you think?

* I received this product for free in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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